Tuesday, May 23, 2017

- Another Amish Bombing

We are told by the media, that according to their religion, (progressive social justice) there is no us and them. We are told that we are all 'us'. One can reasonably assume they mean 'all' to include whoever it was that set off a bomb in a stadium full of children, at an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester. Moreover, we're told that it is morally wrong to think of an us and a them.

But even worse than drawing an intellectual line between us and them, is any act or thought which might successfully predict who is us and who is them. An excellent example of this is NY's 'stop and frisk' law which took place at transport hubs in high crime areas, and was called racists because those high crime areas, by some coincidence, seem to be more heavily populated by blacks than whites.

I personally can't recall ever feeling a desire to blow up and kill a room full of teenagers listening to bubble gum pop music. My brother, arguably the closest individual to me on the 'us and them' spectrum, has never done so either. Nor have any of my cousins, nor my friend, nor my business acquaintances. I might have come into some vague contact with someone over the years who felt that way - maybe I rode in the back of his cab, or frequented a restaurant where he worked. But if I have, our contact was polite and uneventful, and he gave no indication of his plans.

This statement though is considered deeply racist, or so I'm told, 20 gazillion times a day. There is nothing wrong with assuming it's a man because men, as the high priests of Social Justice instruct us, are morally inferior to women. While women are psychologically much more cruel to each other than men, acts of actual violence instead of verbal violence of the social justice identified type, are overwhelmingly a male phenomenon. That's a difference that it's considered OK to notice. But by implying that the Manchester bomber may not look exactly like me is definitely considered racist, even though it's likely to be the case.

We are all also told that no religion is superior to any other, except social justice of course. We're endlessly told that fanatic christians are just as likely to detonate bombs in Northern English cities as anyone else. (Remember that great rash of Amish bombings back in the 90's? Me neither.) But to notice that this statement doesn't have anything in the way of supporting evidence, is considered both racist, and proof that we have brought this on ourselves by our oppression of 'them'. How have we oppressed 'them'? By succeeding in the face of their failure.

Meanwhile, in the real world, this is really just an example of the circular nonsense of Social Justice, and is proof of nothing except that the whole psycho-babbling mess is just an excuse for bad character. Here in the real world, there is an us, and there is a them. We don't do things like this unless the member of 'us' is severely mentally ill. Which according to our moral standards, makes them, or at least makes their behavior, not a part of 'us'. 'They', meanwhile, do this sort of thing all the time and they tell us that their reasons for it are noble and moral. This is what makes them, 'them'.

Why do they really do it? I couldn't say. But I'll give you 50-50 odds that when we find out, the name Donald Trump is in justification there somewhere. So Donald Trump is responsible? Social Justice Warriors will certainly think so. But in my opinion they are collectively mentally ill enough to be considered a part of 'them' as well.

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ikaika said...

It already started on Twitter with outspoken SJWs blaming Trump. Something about "bravado"? these people are deranged.
England needs to grow a pair of balls and fast. Seal the borders and deport the crime syndicate.