Friday, May 19, 2017

- Apropos of Nothing

Busy day today. The deck is done, and we're ready to pitch. And, we now have a patent pending on the process. This is gonna be big fellas. Maybe VERY big.

Through a weird train of thought that would be too boring to write up, all this reminded me of my oldest friend Skeet, who died last year. His absence still leaves a pretty big hole for me, and it's days like this one that I used to call him to check in.

Thinking of him I got to reminiscing. And I'm remembering a cold day in 1983 where he and I, along with two other guys, played the following song in our second set, at the corner Tavern on Somerset St. in New Brunswick NJ. To my knowledge this was the first time any of the 'nice jewish girls' from Rutgers had ever heard this song, and they absolutely howled with delight. I can still see Skeet's face, that big smile planted on it, while he leaned into the microphone. Filled to the brim with pride that the crowd was reacting so strongly.

Good Times.

This is very much not safe for work, but for readers of a certain age it will probably ring a bell.


TheRob625 said...


Thanks for the song. It gave me a laugh.

And good luck with your new project, whatever it is. I'd be interested in hearing the details, when you can talk about them.

Tom said...

From the "It's funny cause it's true file", our lead guitar player had suffered from a benign tumor on one testicle as a teenager, which is how the song made it in our lineup.

I didn't particularly enjoy being young, and I don't miss it. But in the rearview from here I've got to admit, it looks much nicer.

ikaika said...

I had no idea you played anything...

Tom said...

It was along time ago. I haven't picked up a guitar in years, but even I was young once.