Tuesday, May 23, 2017

- Being Callous About Manchester

You're looking at a photo of Saffie Rose Roussos, age 8. She was killed last night in Manchester.

I am the father of exceptionally sweet teenage girl, and unless you are too, you cannot possible imagine how this photo affects me. I speak from experience here. There is no greater tragedy in all of human experience that can come close to comparing with the loss of a child. It's the big Kahuna. The great fear. And with good reason. I know few fathers who wouldn't happily take the place of a child who's been killed. Dying at the hands of a terrorist is hard, but carrying on afterward is in some ways harder. My hands tremble just thinking of it.

The bomber has stolen a lifetime of experience from this girl. All her future joy, and all her future accomplishment, both large and small. And all that's left for the people that cared for her, is a huge gaping hole where she and all her future potential used to be. If I were the father of this girl I would tell any lie, distort any fact, manipulate any resource, to get my hands on anyone involved in her death. Nothing in the world would stop me. No wall, no law, no moral code. And once I did, the last few months of their life would involve a quiet and remote place filled to the brim with almost unimaginable suffering, and the careful administration of medical supplies designed to prolong the experience. The end would come with them 'passing to paradise' through the digestion of several different alligators.

There are those who may claim that I'm being callous by pointing to the politics of this tragedy. But I am a man. Men fix things. And the thing that needs fixing here is not Islam, it's us. Our politicians are what is broken here. Our leaders have failed to protect this girl. They are as responsible for her death as the man (probably) who set off the bomb. By demanding that we admit a people to our society who despise us so much that they are willing to kill innocent children, they are absolutely complicit in the death of this girl, and the 21 others like her.

And Yes, in all likelihood this was a bombing motivated by radical Islam. You don't need to be psychic to make that prediction. But the problem doesn't come from radical Islam. Radical Islamists apparently think it's perfectly moral to murder 8 year old girls. If that's how they choose to structure their society, then I certainly wouldn't want to live there, but I respect their right to do so. But I object very strongly to their acting like that ... here. Let them set off bombs in Pakistan and Yemen. Let them slaughter their own 8 year olds. We don't do that here, and it isn't wrong to say so.

If you're the kind of person arguing for inclusion of a people who so despise us, remember that this is what you're including. The almost unimaginable pain and suffering of the family of this girl is in some small part, on your head. It's your fault social justice warriors. Not yours alone, by any stretch. But some of it is certainly yours. Look in the eyes of the girl you had killed with your inanities and idiocy. You ignore reality to defend your fragile egos. But this is what your monstrous ideology brings to our homes.

It's not callous to want to fix what's broken. What's callous is pretending that things are other than they are, and getting innocent children blown up in the process.


ikaika said...

Yup - I knew it :
David Frum says it's Trump's Fault

Keith said...

I have 3 teenage daughters. Your post resonates very strongly with me. I could not contain myself. They will never have peace.

Tom said...

I'd love to print this photo with a simple apolitical statement - maybe "Died In Manchester." and put it up on lampposts around Greenwich Village. Of course that would considered racist, even though it says nothing about race. Maybe I'll just make one copy with the phrase 'blood on your hands' and hold it up the next time a 'diversity rally' marches down University place.

I can't tell you how disgusted I am by these people. Not the Muslims, they're just doing what works. I'm disgusted with SJW's who are cheering the failure of the west.