Saturday, May 27, 2017

- Context And Cowardice

I’ve been thinking about context a lot lately. Context is very important. Just think about the simple phrase “Are you allright?” Imagine a man saying it to another man. The next thing you probably imagine is a burning building, overturned car, or incoming projectiles of copper and lead.

Now imagine a woman saying it to another woman. What is the next thing you imagine? Is it a woman sitting alone on a bed with her head in her hands and crying? Maybe she’s in a hospital waiting room or a church pew. Wherever she is, the next thing you expect from each of these circumstance is very different.

For the men, you expect the questioned man to check his own vitals or for the existence of his limbs. Maybe he’ll pat his own body or pull the Velcro on his body armor to see if he has a hole or just a world class welt or maybe a broken rib.

For the woman wherever you imagine her, the next thing you expect is to hear about how she feels about herself.

There is a biological imperative for this. Women are supposed to be this way. It’s natural for them. It doesn’t make them bad women, it only makes them bad men. They are genetically wired to worry more about their own survival than the survival of those around them because their biology invests them in then next generation of humans. And if you’re going to worry about the future rather than the present, then you need to be more defensive.

Men aren’t like that. Men worry about the present. And I don’t mean just today, I mean the right now… the right this second. Men are less vested in the future than women because the future requires less of them. A momentary investment from men can assure an entire new generation of humans. And this makes them disposable.

But if the natural order gets overturned somehow, all sorts of things start to fall apart. If men worry more about their future than the present, they become cowards. They run when they should fight, and that puts everyone at risk. We’re not terribly strong or sturdy individually, but we’re organized and cohesive. That’s what makes humans the most dangerous animal on the planet.

And if women worry more about their present than their future, then in very short order, there is no future. Women have a very short reproductive window compared to men. The big investment than nature requires from them for creating the next generation means that they have to get to it earlier than men. A 40 year old man has nearly the same reproductive odds as a 17 year old man. But for a woman, when she reaches 40 her reproductive odds are on average, just 2% of what they were in her reproductive prime.

So when women spend age 20 to 40 worried about their present – their career, their personal fulfillment, ‘sowing their wild oats’ like the much more disposable men often do, the system breaks down. And that makes them just as disposable. Which is what men of the west are doing with them now. They’re disposing them.

The disposable women don’t realize this until they reach 40, because when you ask a woman if she’s allright, she only ever thinks about herself, and her feelings about herself. This is tragically natural for them. It’s how nature designed them. But speaking as a man, I have a much more important question for you.

What conceivable excuse could all those cowardly men have?

Our culture is falling apart and the truth of it is that it's men's fault. And only men can save it.

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