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- Feminism For High School Kids

So I was thinking about the last two posts this morning, and I've come to a decision. The tone of my writing definitely needs to change because one of two things is true. Either (1.) my daughter, being the exceptionally intelligent, attractive, and clever girl she is, is reading what I write reliably, or (2.) she told one of her Alt-leaning, 4-Chan reading friends that I write a blog, know all the key thinkers of the Alt-Right, and they are reading it and relating it back to her.

Either way, it had never occurred to me that some of the people reading this blog might just be kids. And in that light, some things have got to change. It's one thing to complain over the barstool about things you both know from life and experience to be true. It's another thing to say them to kids who are still young enough to be figuring the world out, and lack the perspective of age.

So... with that thought in mind, (and with a link from the Federalist coming up) I'd like to say a few words about what Feminism really is. And because there is no talking to teenage girls about some topics if you're a middle aged man like me, I'll address this to the 4chan guys who no doubt think that as Milo so succinctly put it, "Feminism is Cancer".

So guys, here's the thing. Apart from a little flirtation in high school and college (early embrace of it should be read as a sign of intelligence as much as discarding it early should be) most women don't really care about Feminism. At it's core what Feminism is, is a philosophy of ugly women, inflicted upon attractive women, and the crap we men have to deal with from it is really all just collateral damage.

It's women who look like Lena Dunham trying to reshape the cultural laws that give women like Emily Ratajkowski more attention from men than she gets. The Lena Dunham's of the world are nearly total in their lack of self reflection. They didn't ask to be born into the body they live in. And they say to themselves "looks don't matter to me as much as a good personality, intelligence, and power, and I have a good personality, intelligence and power, and should therefore be considered more attractive than that dirty whore Emily (truth is less important than emotional tone here) who doesn't."

It doesn't occur to Lena that this isn't what men find attractive in women and never will. For us, for both better and worse) it's all about fertility and the outward cues of fertility. I know you probably don't think that's what you're looking for. you want a nice smile, pretty eyes, a nice bod. Maybe you're a leg man, a boob, man a butt man. I get it. I was young once too. But those things you find attractive, are things you find attractive because on some level they ARE outward cues of fertility.

Take it from me, that isn't going to change. You will always be more generally attracted to youthful symmetrical beauty, than you will ever be to a misshapen blob like Lena Dunham. Just cause she can't accept it doesn't mean you don't have to. But there is a flip side to it.

She, and the aforementioned Miss Ratajkowski, will always be more interested in power than they are in good looks. Power to women is what beauty is to men. And by the way, power isn't the perfect word for it, but it's as close as we're gonna get. What do I mean by power? Well money yields power. Political power is part of that. The power to influence those in your social circle. And the power to resist her desire to influence you. Strength, in most cases strength of will rather than strength of body, is going to win you more women's attention than being the best looking guy. Certainly beyond a certain age anyway.

But back to Feminism. The reason most girls don't care about Feminism is because they want a man in their life. Not those whiny, deflated, "bearded things' that hang around the women's studies department constantly divesting themselves of their 'male privilege'. Women are kinder to them, but they don't have any more respect for them than we do. And the less responsible of you will no doubt have some great fun in college defiling their girlfriends behind their back. What women want is a man who is strong enough to protect them, civilized enough to not need protecting from them, and productive enough to be able to afford to give them what they really want, but these days find it hard to admit.

What they want, is children.

Every society needs strong backs. They also need replacement backs when the first ones wear out. We are the backs, and they make the new backs. In the traditional sex roles, this is how things work. And it goes deeper than that. They are genetically programmed to be afraid, all the time. At least compared to us. That's not their fault. It doesn't make them cowards. It makes them women. If it were a man acting like that then he would be a coward. But our measurements simply don't apply to women any more than the measurements they want to impose on society fit for us. They should run to the back of the cave while you and I and the rest of the men fend off the saber toothed tiger. It's the way it's supposed to work.

Here's the real crime of Feminism though. What women want is children, but thanks to Feminism, they don't usually figure that out until they've hit 30, and it's probably too late for them to do anything about it. Before 30, it's all about the party, and being as promiscuous as they can be, because Lena Dunham would rather spend 15 minutes having a meaningless quickie with a man who would normally only go for an Emily Ratajkowski, than otherwise get no attention from him at all.

Feminism is a moral excuse for unattractive women to be empowered to use sex to get high quality men, even for a moment, than would otherwise be available to them. That's the real point of feminism, and why in a few years, only the least attractive women you know will still be considering themselves Feminists.

Feminism is a lot of other things too. I've written about them in the past and will again. But for your direct personal experience, you shouldn't think too much about it. Because as soon as your classmates are old enough to figure out the reality of what Feminism is about, the only women you'll actually be interested in will have totally forgotten about it. In high school no one has a clear idea of who they are. That changes very soon, and so too will their flirtation with Feminism.

High quality women don't need Feminism any more than a fish need's bike riding lessons. They can get attention from men. If they find one they really want they can persuade him to get married and have children. And they should. Because if there is one thing that worries me above all others, it's the way Feminism has elevated the value of meaningless sex over intimacy, love, and meaning.

I know, you can't stop thinking about sex, the more meaningless the better. That wears off, and it's an instinct that can get you more long term trouble than you think, so better to resist it as much as you can. Besides, you probably won't believe me yet, but in my mind, there was absolutely nothing in my life that compared to being a father. It has given my life more real meaning than all the other things I've done put together. And if you're ever lucky enough to do it too, you'll know precisely what I mean.

Which brings me to this piece in the Federalist:

Why You Should Consider Starting Your Family Earlier Than You’re Planning

If you really are Alt-Right, then having kids should be paramount on your mind, because to quote an anti-immigration axiom, demography is destiny. If you want America to be great again, you should be thinking carefully about finding a girl while young and having kids.

I know what you're thinking. There are lots of girls you think are beautiful enough to date, but none you want to marry. "And Besides Tom, didn't you just say what an awful deal marriage is for men?"

I did, and in the present legal structure, it is. But don't you guys worry about that. Leave it to we old fogies. The laws will change so that it isn't such a totally shitty deal for you all. Because it's either that, or America and the world we know will collapse utterly. We can't endure the collapse of our birth rate like they've seen in Europe. That's the real effect of Feminism. It causes women to think of themselves and their egos, far more than they think about their family, their society and the world at large. And like I said, most women don't really care about Feminism, and no longer think they can wait until 40 to have kids (they can't.)

So keep rattling cages. Keep harassing Shia LaBeouf or whatever it is you guys do. Go hang out with Gavin's proud boys and stand up against the anti-free speech nazis. And we old fogies will deliver you what you need to keep America in the civilization game. Speaking of Shia, I read a great quote the other day that I can't find now, but I'll paraphrase to share.

Talking about how the Alt-Right keeps ruining Shia LaBeouf's little 'He will not divide us' art project by stealing his flag and replacing it with a MAGA hat or some such, I read the following:

"If Shia LaBeouf got into James Cameron's deep dive submersible and went to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, within 24 hours a fish would swim by the window with the word 'cuck' written on it."

Surely guys like that deserve all the support we can give them.

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