Wednesday, May 31, 2017

- Good Hearted And Honorable

This video isn't a burden. This is a sincere, attractive, and seemingly intelligent woman explaining how she began thinking for herself instead of believing the endless propaganda she was fed by academia and the media all her life.

She's not a firebrand. She isn't a hate monger. She's not a racist or a misogynist. She's a woman who used her intelligence to free herself from the lies she was told. Listen for the phrase I used as the title. Somewhere around the 7 minute mark she uses the phrase 'Where is the justice for the good hearted and honorable man".

Regrettably, the answer isn't "here in America". These days, this is no country for honorable men. What the left doesn't get, is that when you create an environment like that the first thing you lose is the honorable men.

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MikeCLT said...

It's very telling how this woman has been demonized by the Left for treating her supposed "enemies" as human beings.

I think the reference to "honorable men" starts at the 6 minute mark.