Sunday, May 21, 2017

- Starship Troopers Reboot

I got an email from a frequent commenter the other day about the death of Powers Boothe, the enigmatic actor who played Cy Tolliver in the Deadwood series. And he shared my sense of loss that it may not bode well for the Deadwood reboot we fans have been hoping for. I could see them remaking it with Cy having shuffled back to San Francisco, but you're right... something would be lost.

Then today I saw this over at Vdare:


It's an interesting piece for any Heinlein fan, of which I very much am one. But I was even more excited by the linked piece from Hollywood reporter about a reboot of the Movie currently in the planning stages. The goal it seems, is to be a bit less ridiculous parody than the original film. The critic who wrote that article obviously doesn't understand human nature any better than anyone else in Hollywood, and the screenwriters will probably make a total hash of it by trying to distort it into a box that SJW's will find acceptable. But to even have it on the table is promising.

Heinlein's take was very proto-libertarian, with a military bent. His three really big literary hits were Starship Troopers, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, and Stranger in a Strange Land. Gay controlled hollywood would probably prefer a reboot of the latter, but Starship Troopers holds a special place for me. Raised as I was by men who loved to fight, and who all believed that the 'lowest common denominator' aspects of Democracy were more problem than solution, it's just a much more natural fit.

That is what Democracy is after all. It's government of the lowest common denominator. And when you import people from a totally different culture, the common denominator between them gets much lower. In that respect this is a part of why our institutions are so strained and untrusted. In a nation dominated by a homogenous and abiding shame for not paying your own way, the Welfare State model works fine. It remains limited, and of short duration because the people who use it feel that way about it. Import a bunch of people who feel no such shame, and the takers eventually outnumber the payers.

Paul mentions the post Democratic options in his piece, and I'm a big fan of denying the vote. I think there are tons of perfectly legitimate moral reasons to take the vote away from more than just felons. IF for example, we took the vote away from anyone without a positive tax burden, I think that would be fair. Surely the people who pay the bill are the ones most entitled to pick from the menu.

Heinlein has other options, and I think it would be useful to discuss them now, no matter how triggered some people will be. And the movie certainly can't be any sillier than the last one was.

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