Monday, May 22, 2017

- The Impending Trump Backlash Vote!

I regularly review Drudge Report for a scan of headlines. There a brief headline about how the Dems were already breaking fundraising records in preparation for 2018.
I'm gonna go on a ledge here and say that the prospect of Nancy Pelosi returning as the Speaker of the House will probably keep most Dem-on-the-fence voters at home.
The  media reported Trump Backlash lacks any scintilla of substance.
What are voters supposed to be outraged about? If you are Derb or Ramzpaul or Ann Coulter, you might be disappointed by the lack of border initiative (although I see positive steps in that direction). Is it enough for the first conductors aboard the Trump Train to jump off at the next station stop in protest?
The media keeps jamming this "Trump-Evil, Must Impeach" rhetoric down our throats.
We might see a real backlash, a second wave if the economy continues to improve, foreign relations improve and more Impeach Trump rhetoric get debunked.
Here's a pair of Mark Dice video's (pun in there!) that demonstrate what I'm talking about:
CNN Host Has Emotional Breakdown - Because People Don't Trust CNN Anymore
.... And this Gem!
No the second wave backlash is building and will probably crescendo with a tidal wave of angry protest. People, ordinary people that get up every morning and make valuable contributions to society are going to experience an economic pop in their 401-K or IRA and an improvement in their neighborhoods. It's already happening. Never-Trump analysts and economists have been stepping on rakes weekly saying that the "Trump Trade is Over" or "We can't pay for Trump's Plan!"
The national democrats are actually dialing back the Impeachment crazy-talk because of loons like Aunt Maxine, and the sheer lack of evidence.
Why did I post the video of Robert E Lee's monument being removed?
Another backlash has been triggered by the cowardly Mitch Landrieu who spoke out of both sides of his mouth  when he said "We cannot be afraid of the Truth" while completely running in fear of the truth by choosing to remove the monuments of Confederate Heroes (Most Notably Robert E. Lee).
The South will rise again no matter how much the left wants to pervert US History to nothing more than a Ken Burns telling of it... The Civil War was not entirely about slavery or civil rights. The left can call me a heretic! If this perverted Bolshevism continues on American soil the next step will be to deface Mt Rushmore. What's next? Thomas Jefferson's Memorial is removed because he had sexual relations with a slave... why yes, that is the definition of Rape therefore we cannot honor a rapist!
Wake up America: regardless of your creed or color, the act of sanitizing history is a big step in retelling it. It will ultimately marginalize the "black experience" as it used to be called years ago...

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