Wednesday, May 17, 2017

- Just Cause It Says 'Intelligence'...

The joke in more scientific circles is that if it says 'science' in the name, then it isn't really science. Certainly "Political Science' isn't. And there is a debate about 'Social Science'. Economics can be approached scientifically, but often isn't. And there is nothing you can do to save the Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Gyno-Feminist-Queer-Bi-Oneleggedlefthandedlesbiandwarf Studies departments at all. Not only are they not science, they aren't actually studying anything. They're simply proselytizing grievance culture to narcissistic kids.

And as far as I can see, the same holds true of the word 'intelligence'. The 'intelligence' services don't seem to be terribly interested in being intelligent.

As an aside, my startup involves the use of an artificial intelligence of my own design, assigned with the task of identifying and destroying the economics for 'fake news'. And one of the things we've discovered is that it's stunningly good at figuring out if the Twitter feed you're reading is a bot. This was not part of the plan, it's just a happy side effect. We're not sure precisely why. The bots are supposed to be very clever too, but just because it says 'artificial intelligence' doesn't actually make it 'intelligent'.

And apparently the same holds true of the Federal Intelligence services. I've always thought that in spite of their praise in the media (who we know are by no means intelligent.. or at least too lazy for it to matter) that they were for the most part just career government workers of middling intelligence and no better. You rise to the top in government based not on intellect but on low cunning, which is totally different.

My point is, it's very easy for me to imagine Trump saying what it's claimed he said, and meaning only that he hopes that Comey can get past the whole election mess emotionally and 'join the team' in his heart. Maybe that's not the actual inference, but something like that. Surely Comey himself didn't think it anything worthy a 'freak out' or he would have said so at the time. In that respect, it's sort of like the rape accusation from the college co-ed. If it arrives in the first 24 hours along with visible indications of emotional trauma, then it's probably legit. If it shows up for the first time 9 months later as a discussion point in Women's studies class, it's probably BS.

None of that is to defend Trump exactly. I think he's too careless with his words. I believe that words have explicit meanings and those meanings sometimes have consequences, and he isn't going to always be able to wiggle out of what he actually meant. I'm not saying he should surrender the point either. He can never ever concede the framing of his words to the media, who would apparently do anything to see him taken down.

But I know what hysteria looks like, and this media freakout has all the signs. I don't think we're helping anyone by adding more fuel to this fire. I believe that slathering them with more reason to justify their delusions (as Trump often does) will in the end do us more harm than good. They're awful people I think. But they're awful people who we're going to have to live with. And if things keep up as they are, we're going to see junior AP reporters with bombs strapped to their chest trying to sneak into the Whitehouse Press briefing room.

Think of the press as a totally hysterical woman. This is the point where they begin throwing lamps and breaking things, because you won't admit that the pizza stain on your shirt is proof you're having an affair, instead of proof that you ate your lunch in the hallway running between meetings like it really is. They're at the point where they're now projecting all their hatred and animus, and utterly ruthless 'king of the ashes' ambition onto Trump.

Does that mean they're trying to destroy America themselves? I certainly think it supports that view, but that's hardly news is it? Who could read the NYTimes and think anything else?

But I think it's time to try to calm them down a little. Because just like that hysterical woman, they aren't only going to hurt themselves.

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