Thursday, May 18, 2017

- Just a Matter Of Time Now

This piece has been talked about quite a lot in the blogs. (It took me 5 hops to link to it.) It's a professor claiming that heterosexual white men should all quit their jobs to make room for Transgenders and women.

I view this as an optimistic sign. Just think for a minute how close this is to actual honesty from a liberal. And as the overtone window moves (ceaselessly shoved by the progressive left) it's just a matter of time before the difference between left and hard left will be the difference in policy between imprisoning we cis-white men, and flat out killing us in the street.

And at that point a white man can reasonably claim that he was acting in self defense in a whole variety of new circumstances.

The moral of this story is, we built it, we're gonna keep it. Don't think so? Come try to take it away.


MikeCLT said...

This was on the American Mathematical Society blogs?

DERB! Call your office!

TheRob625 said...


Hate to say it, but they will take it away.

Any man who rose up in the way you seem to advocate would lose absolutely everything: reputation, career, home and pension. That's why it will never happen.

I'm increasingly convinced that the left will succeed in impeaching President Trump. And no, there will be no adverse consequences for them.

The left has been successfully steamrollering us for fifty years. Things aren't going to change now.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

"De-colinization" seems to be the new pet project of the Far Left

Yes.. the girl in the video argues that voodoo is real "science".

These people are getting so absurd that I find it difficult to recognize their arguments as anything else besides satire.

ikaika said...

HILN: as in the old martial arts video I posted with Bill Moyers touting the "science" behind chinese chicanery, liberals will always claim to have a profound understanding of something that we knuckledraggers confirm as superstition.