Monday, May 8, 2017

- A Little Side Story

So I'm working on a startup. We have a prototype finished, and are buffing up the last of our business plan, and looking to raise an Angel round. But I needed to get a time estimate on some systems development in an area of technology I don't really have much experience with. So I gave my old friend a call... lets call him, T.

T and I go way back. Way, way back. Before I had even met my (now) ex-wife. We have been close for multiple decades, and he's a senior development guy at a major high profile Hedge Fund which in this circumstance, shall remain nameless. He and I talked about the business plan, and I explained to him what I was looking to do, and like the good guy he is, he went and did some research, got back to me, and told me what I needed to know. Always a huge help that T.

Anyway T is something of a poker fan too, and through luck and skill, he ended up at the final table at a charity poker tournament recently. Wanna know who else was there? Trump supporter and Media/IRS whipping boy, Hedge Fund Billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah.

So this story struck me as interesting because I had already heard the 'behind the scenes' dish from T. And the story he told certainly sounded like someone was gonna get his loud mouthed A$$ fired.

I don't want to go betraying any confidences here. T is a frequent lurker here at RFNJ, and he and I share many of our political beliefs. (Certainly the core 'leave me the F alone already' principles, we have in common.) He's a gun guy too, and has put to death many of our fine feathered friends at the RFNJ shootouts of the past.

But I don't think I'm out of bounds to say that T was utterly aghast at the classlessness, and banality of one of the three parties mentioned in this argument. And it wasn't Rebekah. That isn't to say that the suit isn't valid. How would I know, or for that matter how would T, who only got to watch one of the parties acting like a boorish A-hole at the tournament. But T's take on things certainly slants my perspective a great deal.

All in, I think the linked story above is a happy tale. It says you can't go around accusing just anyone of just anything, especially when the only evidence of their malfeasance comes directly from your overly fertile imagination, and the only 'fact' is that you disagree with their politics. The only shame here is that you apparently have to be a hedge fund billionaire to be able to defend yourself from such ridiculous accusations.

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