Thursday, May 18, 2017

- Making the First World More... Third

Erdogan's Turkish Secret Police bodyguards, mix it up with Turkish protesters outside their embassy in Washington.

One of the many things that puzzles me about liberals is how much they're willing to ignore about human nature, in order to preserve their perception bubble. The core of multi-culturalism is an excellent example, and it makes me think that Liberals must never travel at all beyond going from one college campus to another in the top of the first world.

I've spent a substantial amount of time in the third world. And I find it difficult to believe that anyone else who also has would look at the idea of multiculturalism, and think we should bring anything from the third world here. The world on average is a brutal and dangerous place, as Erdogan's bodyguards have demonstrated.

Suppression by force doesn't mean saying "I disagree with you". It means I and my 12 burly mates are going to pummel you with our nightsticks until you're too bruised and bloody to stand. Until you're no longer able to have children. And if you resist we're going to take you, your friends, and your families, and lock you all in some damp hole for an unspecified amount of time, because we feel like it. This is what happens virtually everywhere except the anglosphere. According to my brother, even the German police used to be this way prior to their surrender to the forces of Islam.

And it's not just the forces of 'oppression' in the third world that make it dangerous. In Bangkok you can buy a 15 year old Hmong girl for the price of a decent used Lexus. I don't mean rent her - you can get her and her best friend to stay at your hotel with you for a weekend for the price of a decent Manhattan meal. I mean you can 'buy' her. You'll own her. You can do with her more or less what you wish. You could theoretically kill her if you plan to leave the country quickly afterward, and are pretty good at hiding the body. No one is knocking themselves out looking for dead teenage hookers in Bangkok. Say what you want about the poor black or Latina girl in the US inner cities, but no one is buying her.

And if I'm being honest, Bangkok is one of the more civilized high points in the third world. It's a 'sort of' developed place, populated mostly by a friendly, and welcoming people. Plenty of liberals visit there, but I get the impression that they do so while staying in nice hotels with western amenities, and toting gallon jugs of hand sanitizer. They think it's oh so quaint that the kids are shampooing their hair in the muddy river, and they never seem to notice grandma (no wait... that's not grandma, it's their 26 year old mom, she just looks like a grandma) filling the stew pot with water just a few feet upstream.

Civilization is a molecule thin veneer layered over the top of almost unimaginable brutality. And it was always the first thing I saw when traveling.

Back when video cameras were still a rare thing, my ex and I found ourselves in Kathmandu Nepal. White tourists were still a kind of rarity there at the time, and a small crowd of urchins, average age about 12, had caught sight of us and had run up to us to beg a few rupees. Rather than give them money I raised the camera, and flipped the screen around so they could see themselves. They all started mugging for it saying "Hey! TV!" and pushing each other out of the way to get on camera.

Eventually they were shuffled away by our guide, and we went about our touristy business looking at old stuff in even older buildings. Well on our way back to the car, I caught sight of that same Nepali version of 'our gang' across a plaza kicking around a ball in a semblance of soccer. One of the younger kids grabbed the ball and the biggest kid delivered a beating to him, complete with kicks into his supine form, that I thought was a little excessive. Being a caretaker type, particularly with kids, I considered jogging over to them and putting a stop to it. But when the rest of the kids joined in as well I realized that it wasn't worth getting involved in. It's just how things are when there is no civilization.

This is what I thought of when I saw this little dustup outside the Turkish embassy. This is the Turk version of that gang of kids, all grown up now, who still don't think anything of pummeling people whenever they're even slightly annoyed by them. This is man in his natural state. And if you think 'it's a man thing' don't kid yourself. Men are brutal, but they're mild in terms of cruelty compared to women. Ask that Hmong girl who she's afraid of, the bar owner or mama-san. Making the world more female would only have all the violence of the world of men, and constant (and often random) psychological abuse thrown in as well.

We don't do things that way in the first world anglo-sphere. And we don't teach our kids to do them. At least we never used to. But this scene plays out everywhere else from Mexico, to Somalia, to Jakarta. And that's mild by comparison to the stuff the tourists never see. Heroine addicted 13 year olds with guns, are not uncommon in the Brazilian Favelas. Even the police don't go there.

That's the way of the world. It's our way that's the exception. And liberals should remember than when they're arguing for bringing more of what those countries are, here.

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