Monday, May 1, 2017

- A Nation Of Drama Queens

I think I'm beginning to understand Millennials. They grew up in a world where the selfie was ubiquitous high art, and fame the highest moral virtue. And they have adapted accordingly. Which is to say, they're play acting, all the time. All the world is a stage, and they are simply playing a role.

In other words, they don't mean it. None of it. And today's college kids are the same, only more so. Theirs is a world where all the traditional things that one could place some faith in or rely upon have been smashed and lie in ruins at their feet. And from that position of ultimate cynicism, what else is there to do but become a nation of Drama Queens? They can see the obvious fault lines in the fortress of liberalism, and know how fragile it has now been made by reality. They know it can't withstand even the tiniest puff of air in criticism, or the whole thing will come tumbling down. So they have no choice but to do all they can to prevent that butterfly from ever flapping it's wings.

"Black Lies Matter" exists because black poverty and black underperformance across every reported social metric is the obvious fault of blacks. Low skilled immigrants and Muslims are defended because their entitlement is so indefensible. They clearly know that there is no 'reasonable' outcome where Liberalism remains an import point of American culture, so they defend it by being unreasonable. And the more unreasonable the better.

They are the foot soldiers of a dying church. No more. And that seems pretty obvious to me in this piece:

Because these protests are at heart a kind of acting, sober objections about the nature of free speech and intelligent inquiry argue past the participants. These protesters are quite aware that shutting down the expression of ideas does not eliminate those ideas from society, and if anything, only calls more attention to the speakers in question. All of these protesters are people who would bristle at any charge that they lack strength or self-regard, so fragile as to be constitutionally incapable of hearing dissent from their own beliefs. Rather, we are watching people who have internalized a sense that to mime white-hot and even violent indignation, against expressions of ideas rather than against actions, demonstrates one’s moral sophistication in modern society. Logical argument will be as powerless against this new practice as it is irrelevant to its motivations.

All the world's a stage. And the millennials and today's college kids are simply standing on the stage and demanding to know where their close up is.

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