Wednesday, May 10, 2017

- "The Red Pill" Movie Review

This one has been a long time coming, and it's a good news bad news post. The bad news is for Cassie Jaye, the (former) Feminist who made the Documentary “The Red Pill”. The good news is for you. And they’re both driven by the same fact. “The Red Pill” is available on Kodi. That means less cash from legitimate screenings for the filmmaker, but it means you can see it for free. And I get the impression she didn’t do it for the money. Loathe as I am to urge you to hurt someone who has made such an honest film, I’m urging you and your wife, and girlfriend, and your Feminist friends, to watch it.

You all know the story of the creation of this film. A young attractive Feminist from Hollywood goes off to make a documentary about ‘Rape Apologists’ and discovers that the Feminist characterization is actually dead wrong. In the process she learns about the Men’s Right’s Movement, and changes the topic of the film, to call much needed attention to the obvious wrongs created by a culture steeped in Feminist Dogma. In the process she’s alienated by Feminists who interrupt her funding, she’s ostracized and threatened online, and she’s forced to experience what anyone who dares challenge Feminism deals with every day.

The movie runs just a little long in my opinion. And the directorial decisions seemed to not flow very well to me, but that was probably because of my own experience of dealing with the Feminist Dogma in NJ family courts.

Naturally I thought the red pill should spend more time on the family court issues. But it’s probably just me.

On the whole I’d call it a great and compelling movie. The MRA's are sober, thoughtful and reasonable, the Feminists are hyperbolic, emotional and furious. Just like it is in "The Real World" as Morpheus said to Neo. So that red pill keeps proving itself as an analogy. It's all told from a women’s perspective of course, but it's at least told. And by an honest woman at that.

And I'm begging you all to get out there and find the time to watch it, and urge others to see it.


I redacted a piece of this post, because in the end it was too personal, and my daughter read it and was upset by it. So I thought I'd take just a minute before I get to more important work tis morning, and mention what I thought was the most important point for this movie.

Feminists claim that women are seen as sex objects. And I think most honest men will confess that life contains an element of that. But what Feminists will never, ever, EVER admit, is that men are seen by women as 'success objects'. Everyone I know can name a woman they know who married for money. Many can name women who married THEM for money. It's a long obvious tale.

But under Feminist dogma, men are supposed to lie down and take that. We're supposed to simply accept that there is nothing more for us in the way of personal intimacy, than that callous take. That isn't why I got married, and it isn't why my ex married me. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen to a great many men.

The whole idea of 'equality' between men and women is somehting Feminists really abhore. And with good reason. Men are wired to be the risk takers of society. We're less emotional than women, and therefore less likely to panic in a difficult circumstance. Women are wired to think only of themselves and their own survival and future, because their future is the future of the species. Men are wired to be self sacrificing, because that too is the future of the species. In the end, men are replaceable in a genetic sense. And this movie tells that story, in a light so harsh that even avowed Feminist Cassie Jaye see's it plainly. And when she does, she renounces our new leftist religion.

There was one other point I found incredibly compelling but had never heard before. Women claim that men can't possibly understand the experience of women. But since the distance from A to B is equal to the distance from B to A, then women can't possibly understand the experience of men. I find it's one of those things no one talks about. Being a man (or at least a good, responsible man) involves sacrificing yourself in ways that no one ever even mentions to women. And women never think of it themselves.

That's really the biggest issue with Feminism. It's a one sided narrative where the woman is always right, and the man is always wrong. That's obviously a ridiculous and totally unsupportable position. But say so in public, and you'll suffer the consequences.

It's actually a very good film. Well worth your time. And it opens a door to issues that no one is thinking about.

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ikaika said...

Feminism? even women (albeit feminists) look at other women as sex objects. The stupid "vagina March on DC" was nothing more than a bunch of women reducing the collective of women as nothing more than a talking reproductive organ.
SJW's, feminism, BLM, ANTIFA and everything else is self ingesting serpent.