Friday, May 26, 2017

- The Rise of a Super Villain (Part Three)

Seriously - this guy is a sociopath.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I have (unfortunate) prior experience with Zuckerberg types... sometimes working for them. All have shared some really common traits:

1. 'Truth' is whatever benefits themselves at the time.
2. A lack of honor or morals with ANYONE they perceive as their inferior (which at times is just about everyone, including family members).
3. Pathological levels of narcissism.
4. Tyrannical behavior and / or a strong desire to be a tyrant.
5. High intelligence.

Zuck types love the idea of a socialist tyranny because they see themselves at the top running the show, telling us peons how to live out our inferior lives. I have run into these types in college, work, and in social settings. Working for guys like this is the worst (primarily for reasons #1 and #2 above)and has led to some serious trials and tribulations for myself. All have been men with Ashkenazi Jews being over-represented as examples [Tom: Talking about "the Jews" here] compared to about every other ethnic group I have dealt with (including my own extended family.. yes.. I am part Ashkenazi).

Tom said...

The thing that bothers me most about the Zuck is not that he's "a jew', my feeling on 'the jews' are well documented. It's that he has no idea what failure is like. He's never been humbled by it. To my knowledge he's never experienced any major loss. It'll be interesting to see what happens to him if he ever does.

For some people, loss builds character. For others it only builds resentment and hostility. Zuck is a VERY smart guy. My startup will be working in social media and I'm more impressed with his intellect today than I was before I knew much about what he's doing at Facebook. He really is brilliant, in a simple AK-47 way, which I admire greatly. But being a smart man doesn't make you a good man.

MikeCLT said...

In Part IV does he start advocating for the government to bust open his trusts and tax them to pay for all this?

ikaika said...

Part IV will probably see the super villain get jilted or experience some form of failure as Tom eludes to. A man of strong-will and red blood will stumble and pick himself up and not use his failure as a launch pad for vendetta.
Zuck or "faceberg" as he is known, has already suggested that your failure or his failure is of no fault of your own.
Let's say FB tanks because people are fed-up with it or something better comes along. It's very possibly and most likely probably on the technology curve we are experiencing. I have never had a faceberg account and I never will. I've deleted it from all my devices even though it was bundled into my Apple and Samsung devices. Facebook is like a neighborhood bar that turned into a TGIFridays. Eventually that experience becomes unnappetizing regardless of what's on the menu. Zuck will blame stupid people for not buying his products and will then team up with a totalitarian regime like the Norks or Venezuela to demonstrate his awesome power. The other option is he will run for President in 2020 (if you listen to his delivery, he lamely tries to channel a political tenor). He will lose and blame everyone - at that point he goes mad and wages memetic war against the alt-right and loses again.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


I would just be happy to see Facebook go the way of MySpace. Even if it did, Zuckman would still have plenty of money... unless he picks up Johnny Depp like spending habits.