Friday, May 26, 2017

- Safer With Sikhs Around

I don't know how much you know about Sikhs, an indian minority group - who are neither Muslim, nor Hindu exactly, but more closely related to the Hindu faith. I personally think of them as a kind of Hindu - Mormon.

The Mormon church isn't what anyone would call a 'typical' Christian faith. They have some wacky ideas to my Catholic eyes and some interesting takes on convention. But I don't think anyone would believe they are closer to Judaism or Islam than Christianity. They are a Christian faith, for what it's worth. And I've liked every single Mormon I've ever met.

Anyway, the Sikhs are kind of like that, only for Hiduism. Which isn't to say that there is any direct relationship between Mormons and Sikhs, except that they are both major subdivisions of one of the world's largest faiths.

I've had the pleasure of working with a few Sikhs over the years in various positions. And like the Mormons I've met, I've enjoyed every minute of that as well. I think it's mainly because the Sikh's are such total bad-asses. For example, being armed to protect the rights and safety of others is a tenet of their faith. It's a rule. Look it up.

One Sikh friend of mine in New York city went to fairly extraordinary lengths to stay true to that, because as you know, being armed in New York is expressly illegal - even if your god says otherwise. I won't tell you how he resolved it except to say that if it ever comes to it, it's probably considered a grey area.

But more than that, my experience has been that they have a very modest and unassuming nature to them. That's not the kind of thing you expect from a guy who carries a dagger around 24-7 but it's true of all sikhs. They fear no man. Courage for them is a matter of personal pride and being thought of as a coward, makes you less in the eyes of god. But you don't have to be a dick about it.

What's not to like?

Anyway there is this story in the Ace overnight thread, about a sikh cab driver in Manchester who offered Free rides to help out, and Cosmo (the chick Magazine) reported that he was a 'Muslim' cab driver. How can you tell someone at Cosmo is typing a lie? They're keyboard is making that clickety clack sound. But in this specific case, the Turban is the tipoff.

Muslim's don't wear turbans except as a fashion statement. Hindus aren't required to do so either (at least I don't think they are.) But Sikh's are. so when you see the south asian guy wearing a turban, a bracelet on his wrist (Usually copper in my experience) and looking like he's packing, fear not. You're safer with him around than you would be if he weren't.

And let me chime in on the Ace guys and say "Fuck you Cosmo."

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Lt. Edmund Exley said...

They are also regarded as a warrior class in Indian society. I always thought they were badasses as well.