Thursday, May 4, 2017

- Sell Delta

Delta gets in the 'friendly skies' racket, by overselling a flight and then kicking off what seems to be a perfectly reasonable man, his wife, and his two kids, because they oversold the flight and want to give the seat he bought for his 2 year old to another passenger.

I know the airlines have been deregulated, but some of the other protections they receive regarding oversold flights need to go in the dumper too. As for the FAA and their idiotic regs, they are a perfect example of why government should be limited in it's power. No one appreciates more than I do that there is very little room for individuality when it comes to the operation of airplanes. It's a 'by the book' business, or things fall from the sky.

But the FAA regs are decades behind the times. That rule about cell phones is a good example. For decades after the frequency of cellular changed so that it posed virtually no risk of interrupting navigation, the rule stayed in place. But the government doesn't mend rules if they don't have to. Add? Sure. Amend? Not really. Eliminate? Never.

Privatize the whole thing, I say.

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