Tuesday, May 2, 2017

- Shattered Fantasies

On Sunday afternoon the weather was pleasant. I've been working very long hours and wanted to get out of the house for a bit, so my girlfriend and I tied a couple errands together with a dog walk. That's what left me standing on 6th Avenue in the Flatiron, when I ran into someone you may have heard of.

I didn't talk to her. None of my past thoughts about her involved talking, so I didn't see the need to bring an activity like that into real life. She was conservatively dressed for her, carrying a Saks 5th ave. bad, and doing her shopping. And the thing that struck me about her, was that thing that so often strikes me about celebrities... she looks MUCH better on camera. In real life, there was nothing particularly striking about her at all

Maybe I'd have felt differently if she were strolling along in a bikini, but on the whole I was underwhelmed. She's an attractive girl for sure, but she's by no means some over the top 'Helen of Troy' like expression of beauty that she seems to be in photos. She's just another pretty girl. A 9 based on how she was dressed. Not unlike the 50,000 or so other beautiful women in Manhattan.

I find this is often true of celebrities, and it's always a disappointment. In most cases they simply don't look as good in real life as the do on the front page of the Dailymail. Darryl Hannah was a horror and had 'crazy eyes'. Uma Thurman had terrible skin. When you see these girls in real life, all the flaws seem to stand out.

There are exceptions to that, but they aren't typically who you'd expect. For instance, I crossed paths Kate Beckinsale and her husband a few years back. Kate was already a mom at the time, and though she was shorter than she seems on Camera, she was quite stunning. Many years ago I say Kathy Ireland getting into a cab and she absolutely glowed.

But for the most part, the stunning celebrities we imagine possess some superhuman beauty, are usually just nice looking, and know the secret of how to do well in front of a camera.

Like I said, maybe miss Ratajkowski need to strip down to properly show off her looks. I'd believe it. But for the day on day, I'd say my tiny little girlfriend who is nearly old enough to be her mother, is at least as attractive. And she doesn't have a head full of idiotic Hollywood nonsense, so all in, she's a better catch.

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ikaika said...

I've been out of NYC for six years now. After working a good portion of my adult life in NYC I can look back and say that hot babes of NYC are overrated. Working on Wall St didn't help things with competition for chicks always at a peak. I laugh when I think of the the supposedly "hot wall st babes" ooof!
Miami on the other hand... for every one "hot" NYC babe, there are at least five more in Miami. And I'm not talking Miami Beach. Miami unlike NYC is a hotness arms race. The building I work in has two floors of French fragrance and skincare companies. I would put these two floors against all the modeling agencies in NYC. If you want to feel good about yourself, go to any Brickell Avenue bar for happy hour. The women are attractive and approachable.