Sunday, May 7, 2017

- The Trump Ad You'll Never See

According to the Federalist, Team Trump tried to run this Ad celebrating his accomplishments in the first 100 days, and the media refused to run it.

There is a reason we've lost so much faith in our institutions. I think it's because they don't deserve much. Regulation has shattered the informal institutions of American life by picking winners and losers, rather than letting us pick them ourselves. Our government does at least as much TO US as they do FOR US, and the media expends as much time and cost in order to prevent us from being informed, as they do informing us.

So what exactly is there to have faith in?

If you're a gay, albino west african illegal immigrant transexual with one leg, on welfare in your government funded housing project, there are whole teams of people to make sure you get the 'rights' you're entitled to. Not only will they rifle through America's rhetorical pockets to see you're as coddled as an infant, they'll also do all they can to see anyone who so much as questions your actual legal right to contribute nothing and consume much, thrown in jail for their trouble.

And failing actual legal consequences, there will be inflammatory articles written about the 'probable' klan robes under your bed, and how your great grandfather 85 years ago, once rode on the front of a bus. Mobs will form, windows will be broken, cars set on fire. Even 'conservatives' will rise up and tell you that they denounce your 'nativist' attitude, but will fight to the death for your right to possess it. So long as fighting to the death doesn't actually involve any fighting, or threat of death, or even the threat of losing their medical insurance by being fired from their think tank job.

Say what you want about the various flavors of the alt-right, but at least they're on the right side in all this. Given the immense and near total power of the bullies rallied against them, they may be as doomed to failure as the rest of America. But I for one will admire their desire to go down swinging.

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