Thursday, May 25, 2017

- We Are The Problem: Part 87,462,837

Ask soldiers why they risk their lives, and once you get past the political platitudes about god, country and family, you get to the truth of it. They risk their lives not for high minded ideals, though that's a part of it. The reason they really risk their lives, is for the men standing beside them.

Did you feel that? did you feel that surge in you when you read those words? That's exactly what I'm talking about. Maybe you've felt that on a football field or basketball court. Maybe you've felt it with your friends or brothers. But you need to feel it again now. We are all men, we're all in this together. And though we didn't ask for it, we're engaged in a life or death struggle with an enemy that wants us as their slaves or dead.

My brother was a soldier during peacetime, or at least during a war slightly colder than the ones we’re in now. He was stationed near the Czech border in West Germany, where they could see Soviet bloc Troops on the other side. He fired no shots in combat, and had no shots fired at him. The worst thing he sent toward the enemy was insults in German. But even now, decades later, he occasionally talks about the grip that his connection to his squad mates still has on him.

This is the nature of how men connect to other men. Most of the time we compete. My brother and I are only 11 months apart and spent our entire childhood competing. He was better at some things and I was better at others. But all that competition with its wins and losses, didn’t put any obstacle between us. Now, with both of us in middle age, we’re closer than we’ve ever been. And he’s literally walking around with my blood in his veins.

Men don’t usually get together in big groups to get behind big political ideas. And it’s a good thing too because if there were ever a men’s march on Washington the size of the recent women’s march, with it’s stupid vagina hats and dedications to Sharia law, the Congress would probably call out the National Guard. And they’d be right to do so, because if men ever get so angry that a group that size forms, we’ll be getting together to burn the halls of government to the ground. And as my brother said once it's other men who are driving the tanks, and ‘he can only imagine the look of shock and horror on their face when that tank turret spins around to point in the other direction’.

But they don’t have to worry about that, because men don’t feel big kinships the way women do. We feel small ones. Personal ones. We feel a connection to men who we can look in the eyes and see the connection. The same dedication to principle. The same love. That’s how we connect. Personally.

But we need to do something different now.

There is much talk in my normal reading list about the differences between races. Yes, race is a real thing. But I’ve got to confess, I have always felt more of similarity and kinship to a black man than I ever have to a any woman. (Even my daughter who I'd kill and die for, is a very different kind of animal than me.) I've felt that connection, particularly with black men of a certain age who have matured beyond the stage where adolescent volatility is still an issue. Treat a more mature black man with the kind of courtesy and respect you’d like to see from him, and my experience is that he’ll always respond positively to it. He is a man after all, and it’s how all men are wired. Personal connection is always possible whatever the differences.

And that’s the lesson I think we should be taking from all this business in Manchester. We men need to begin to appreciate just how far down the Feminist rabbit hole we’ve all been dragged by our libidos, and start thinking again like men. We need to start removing the Feminist mindset from our society and our halls of government. We need to discard their pettiness and frivolity. ‘Coming together in Love’ will not defeat our enemies. Only violence will defeat our enemies. Harsh and rigid male logic and reason is the order of the day, not the silly soft apologies and social media virtue signaling of women. We’ve tried that. It’s failed. It’s now time to do something more serious. It’s time to solve this the male way.

Women don’t respect men who don’t stand up to them. This is the nature of the $4it test’. It’s time for men to realize that all of Feminism is really just a collective $4it test’. It’s a test we can only pass if we ‘fail’. It’s time to tell the Feminists to shut up, go home, and let the men handle it. It’s time to tell them that having to ‘wash bits of 8 year old girls out of our hair’ is too big a price to pay for political correctness. The only other inevitable choice, is ceasing to exist.

There is no need for cruelty here. Women are silly and superfluous, and should never be allowed to make big decisions on their own. But that doesn’t make them unnecessary. Let them ramble on about Ivanka and Melania's hair-styles and how important it is to let transexuals in bathrooms.

We should listen politely to all their wailing and teeth gnashing, then ignore every word they say. Until very recently, this is what men have always done with women. And in a time of crisis like this one, it's always the right thing to do. This is wired into our Y chromosome. You felt it just a moment ago. If you're honest with yourself, you can probably feel it right now. The problem isn't them. They'll always be women. The problem is us.

It’s well past time for men, to start acting like men again. All of us.


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