Tuesday, May 16, 2017

- Wiping Out Neanderthals

What you see here is the much lauded 'World's Most Important Graph', created by Steve Sailer. Mark Steyn spoke about it recently. The Derb spoke about Mark Steyn, speaking about it. Steve created the thing a while back and though I don't think he's talking about it at the moment, it wouldn't surprise me if he did soon. So in this post, I guess I'd like to talk about, all those guys talking about it it as well.

There are better sources of information on the intersection of genetics and culture. But I've read a little, and there is one fact I found intensely interesting. All humans from every part of the globe have, if my sources can be believed, somehting like 2% or 3% Neanderthal genes. The only exception, are sub-saharan Africans. Asians do, whites do, Indo-aryans do, Australian aboriginals do. Black Africans do not. So in some respects, the graph above might be seen as the 'end game' plan for finally finishing off the Neanderthals.

It raises a question for me though. Not about intelligence, that's done to death. I'm more interested in the other behavioral characteristics of the differences between we semi-neanderthal, and non-semi neanderthal peoples.

For instance, one thing I've become aware of after sharing countless sidewalks with the countless rainbow colored New Yorkers, is that black people seem to be less concerned with their immediate surroundings than whites and asians, particularly black women. They are perfectly content to stagger and sway slowly down the center of a narrow sidewalk, preventing anyone from maneuvering past their bulk. They seem to be utterly unconcerned with the inconvenience that their behavior represent to others. And this tendency seems to be correlated to their lack of physical desirability.

As someone who tends to walk very very quickly and who lives in a crowded place, this is a big hassle for me. It bothers me more than most, certainly. In my eyes it's the pedestrian version of driving 55 in the fast lane, which black women seem to also do with stunning regularity. And it annoys me to no end.

I'm not sure if it's cause is just the normal solipsism of women taken to an absurd level, or maybe the excessive rudeness that comes from the normal culture of black New York. Either could be the case. But so much of the path we end up on in our lives is defined in our genes in subtle ways, that I thought it might be worth mentioning.

We are good at what we're good at because of our genes, the same as we're bad at what we're bad at because of them. I'm walking faster than everyone else because I've so internalized my ambition that I don't want to waste time going from one place to another. I want to either be here doing things, or be there doing other things. Transit time in my mind, should be kept to a minimum in most circumstances.

Well it's my experience that black women take the opposite tack. In their minds I imagine them thinking that they are precisely where they're supposed to be, mainly because it's where they are. And whatever is happening at wherever they're going will damned well wait until they get there. If that represents some minor inconvenience to others, that's no problem as far as they're concerned. If it were, they'd maybe shuffle over to just one side of the sidewalk, and let the crowd of people who are looking to maneuver past them go by.

Maybe they're just rude. Or maybe, because they are on average undesirable as mates (both physically and intellectually), they have become accustomed to people behaving with less courtesy toward them than they typically exhibit toward more desirable women, and see themselves as just responding in kind? They are rude and unpleasant because the world is always rude and unpleasant to them. That would explain the correlation between rudeness and unattractiveness. And stepping back from it, there has always been an element of 'chicken and the egg' type logic in accusations of racism. Blacks say they act badly as a reaction to racism, and whites say they don't like blacks because they behave badly.

But if that's so, then isn't the whole thing the product of genetics? Good looks is obviously genetic. But doesn't that also set a person's expectations for how the world behaves toward them?

Over at Heartiste there is an axiom which says that the sexual market is the only market, and all the rest is a product of how the behavior of the opposite sex toward us shapes our views. The most desirable members of the opposite sex behave toward us in a manner commensurate with our own level of attractiveness. So beautiful women get conditioned to expect men to respond well to them, as do the rich and powerful men. While the undesirable women (and men) expect indifference at best. So their personalities are shaped by disappointment, anger, and a deep hostility to those who are more attractive.

Obviously I don't have an answer here. I can't imagine a two legged creature that I would have less luck trying to get inside the head of, than a sub-saharan black woman. The difference between what I am and what they is simply too great.

But I wouldn't be surprised to find that those few Neanderthal genes had some kind of settling effect for the rest of us, that sub-saharan africans simply do not possess. Something that turned up our empathy slightly or something. Something that made it possible for us to be more willing to live within an agreed upon set of rules, or made us less likely to cheat the rules because we see the rules as having some connection to our own well being. It lets us set our expectations of others in a reliable way, and that seems like a good trade for the inconvenience of living within the rules ourselves.

The rules I mean are the rules of 'common courtesy'. And spend a weekend in Manhattan trying to get where you're going as quickly as possible, and it will be clear to you that 'common courtesy' is the last thing on any black woman's mind. Not exactly an important point I know. I'm just trying to connect a few dots in my mind today.

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