Thursday, June 15, 2017

- Ace: "Why Are The Shooters All Democrats?"

I had a conversation years ago about this topic with Jonah Goldberg, of all people. My thinking was that since Liberals believe that all it takes is 'the right person' to make Communism work, the corollary is that they think they can change a failing system by eliminating the 'wrong person'. There is also the question of Liberals who are driven by passion instead of logic and reason, which makes them more comfortable with rationalization.

Conservatives meanwhile typically see the system as the problem because they believe in incentives. Get rid of a Nancy Pelosi (not that I'm saying you should... quite the contrary) and another dim witted power mad grandma will pop right up to take her place. Maybe a Maxine Waters. Then some new young, power mad crazy person will simply fill in the bottom of the crazy train.

In fact from a conservative perspective, you can get rid of scores of people and it won't really help things. The malignant system will simply continue unabated in it's malignancy, because the incentives for the power mad continues to remain.

These days it's much easier than ever to draw a connection between shooters, who are almost always crazy, and the left, who are almost always crazy. At the time, Jonah had no definitive comment, but in retrospect I think that means that it was probably true, but he would never say so until he knew how angry it would make the left to call attention to it.

Ace's piece is at the link.

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