Sunday, June 4, 2017

- Alt-Britain

"Boom goes London, Boom Paris. More room for you and more room for me, they all hate us anyhow so let's drop the big one now."

Since the Manchester attack had Hollywood D-Listers swearing allegiance to their cause by showing the severed head of the President, maybe we should finally take Randy Newman's advice. Let's nuke the north coast of Africa. If they want to come to Europe, let em glow in the dark while they do it. < / sarcasm>

London and Paris are already both going boom. And there is little doubt this will all be presented as the fault of Donald Trump, global warming, and his unwillingness to come together in solidarity and tears.

What strikes me as funny though is that the Muslim terrorists somehow think this will help their cause. Right now, in England, a whole lot of men are waking up and telling their Feminist women to shut their holes and let the men take care of it. Former soccer hooligans are running out this morning to get proud boy tattoos. No one, not even the effete 21st century British, can take this kind of behavior forever.

It's perfectly clear to any rational observer that the British Government no longer has any interest in protecting their citizens. So it's time to get rid of the British Government. It's time for Alt-Britain.

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