Tuesday, June 20, 2017

- Different This Time

You're probably getting sick of Jordan Peterson by now. The shame of it is, the readers of this blog don't need to see this stuff. The people who really need it are the destructors - those mentally ill idiot children dedicated to the destruction of the west for the shallow and pointless goal of getting laid more often, who really need to see them. All those thoughtless idiots pulling down statues and burning the past. They need to see it.

In this one, Peterson makes reference to the cultural revolution in China, where it's estimated that 100 million innocent civilians died. This is well within living memory and I have a quick story to tell there.

When I worked in research at Moore Capital, I had a brilliant Analyst/Programmer working for me, a man I liked a great deal and still much admire. We got together in off hours occasionally, and after having Dim Dum in queens one day, I ended up back at his place and had the chance to meet his mother, who lived with he and his wife. His mother told me this story about China and the Cultural Revolution.

She (his mother) and her husband were academics, and were therefore comparatively well off and insulated from many of the horrors of the cultural revolution. But she told the story of the refugees from the worst of the starvation. Long lines of people who walked everywhere, with no specific goal in mind, just the hope that they'd find somewhere 'better'. One day she saw a woman who was obviously starving, shambling along the road, glassy eyed, and carrying what she could clearly tell was a dead infant. She stopped the woman, and said "Sister please... your child is dead. We need to stop and bury him." The woman responded:

"God help me, I know he's dead. I'm only carrying him because I might have to eat him."

My friends mother, obviously horrified, replied "Please... we'll feed you...you can have everything we have. Take whatever you want from our kitchen, but you have to let me help you bury your child." The woman, thankfully complied. This wasn't one of those "I know a guy who knows a guy" stories. This was a first hand account by someone who was there at the time, witnessed it first hand, and was obviously very affected by it. It's a story of one nameless random woman, not unlike 100 million others in China then. Not an enemy of the state, or some political activist. No one of any real import at all. No one will ever know if she survived or not, or what became of her.

I haven't seen my old friend in a while, and I hope his mother is well. But I wonder how she would react to the "burn it all down" attitude of the social justice warriors. Mrs Derb, who is Chinese born, has often remarked how similar the Social Justice movement is to the cultural revolution. The only difference is that they don't have the power of the state to starve their perceived enemies into submission. And we had all better hope they never get it. Their response would only be "It will be different this time."

They're right of course. It would. Because you can't willfully starve 100 million heavily armed people. It would be more likely that every single trans person in the country and their alphabet soup allies, would all end up swinging from lamp posts. But I don't want to see that and neither should they. So they might want to take a lesson from history.

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