Tuesday, June 20, 2017

- Don't Let The Interns Drive

In a typical example of the stalwart gang at National Review standing in the road of history yelling stop, while being crushed into the tarmac by the liberal steamroller, one of the interns has some important commentary on free speech:

This is obviously quite problematic. Reasonable people can, of course, disagree about the propriety of giving a platform to those with views that engender wide, bipartisan disgust.

I'm not linking it, go look it up yourself if you're curious.

In the young lady's defense (wait... is the word 'lady' now a microaggression? No, that's just in Canada.) the article is defending Dave Rubin and a smear by mother Jones. So it's the same old BS from them. Ceding moral authority to the left, while ostensibly defending the right.

I've seen her (trigger warning) picture, and while she seems more masculine than most of the people at NR, I don't think they should be encouraging this. Then again, the men (trigger warning) there don't have much resistance to Grrl Power, so by September she and her lawyers will probably be running the place.

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