Monday, June 19, 2017

- Either We Talk... Or We Don't

It's no secret what bullies the Social Justice Left has become. But I can't believe they realize what they're doing here. In Canada it's now a crime to not call someone by their sex pronoun of choice. If I go to Canada and demand that people refer to me as [insert absolutely any word here] the person who fails to do so is committing a 'human rights violation'.

The point Professor Peterson has been trying to make is that if we can't talk then we have no choice but violence. This is very true. Violence is something you can control, but your speech is now officially subject to the potentially rapidly changing whims. the people detailed in the video below can demand to be called he at this moment, she the next, Xe, the moment after that, and the second you fail to keep pace with they changing opinions, you've committed a crime.

But if you refuse to speak to them at all and simply beat them in the street with a stick the moment you see them, well that you can control. It would be wrong of course, and a crime. But at least it's a crime you can only be convicted of, if you decide to commit it. And I'm quite certain that there will be some people somewhere who now feel that's their only rational course.

A white man ran down a bunch of Pedestrians outside a Mosque last night in London, in what seems to be an act of retribution for the London Bridge attack. I'm quite certain the 'Trans' bullies of the left can expect the same treatment from someone. Especially now that disagreement with them has become illegal.

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