Friday, June 16, 2017

- 'Fake News' And Duplicity

The stories for anyone right of center, are legion. An MSM reporter contacts you for an interview and is all sweetness and light promising impartiality. You agree to an interview which is done in something like a reasonable way, and then in editing, you're made to look stupid or crazy or both. You're portrayed as a psychotic, racist, misogynist, blah blah blah. You know the drill.

Achieving the leftist goal is probably easier when you are a little crazy, and Alex Jones may be. But he has followed the new playbook of the right when dealing with the press, and surreptitiously recorded his interview with Megyn Kelley. And he's announced that he'll be releasing the tape.

If you don't agree with the left, you can't expect fair treatment from the left. No secret there. Secretly recording the 'actual' interview is some defense, and it seems to have worked in some cases. I don't know if it will in the case of Alex Jones, but this high profile example will probably put the lazy, duplicitous press back on it's heels a little bit.

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ikaika said...

Good for Alex Jones. Gavin McInnes had a similar experience with Comedy Central. They tried to make Gavin look like a monster but Gavin insisted that he record the entire interview. Result was showing how inept Comedy Central is even at trying to do a hatchet job.
Being in South Florida, I don't get quality talk radio, I get Hannity and then Glen Beck.
Both are polar opposites. Hannity is a "keep it simple stupid" all the time broadcaster. It's annoying. Glen Beck is constantly apologizing for what the left identifies as faults of the right. Glen also hates the alt-right so much that he routinely castigates anyone that would appear on Info Wars or accept a Breitbart interview. He mentioned how Megyn Kelly has completely lost credibility by allowing a nutjob like Alex Jones on her airways . Going a step further and equating it to the media interviewing charles manson.
I don't agree with Jones, I find him entertaining. I like Paul J Watson's commentary and I like when Cumia is a guest host.