Monday, June 26, 2017

- "Gay" Is Almost Mandatory

Thanks to 'Pride' month, this past weekend was a big one in Greenwich Village, culminating in the big pride parade yesterday. With the ascendancy of the LGBTQ (?) movement as our latest cultural masters, it's actually made the parade a bit more sedate and mainstream. The spectators however seem as creative as ever. I only found 1 used hypodermic needle in the gutter when I took the dog for a walk this morning (though my daughter and I found three on the Subway tracks yesterday), so I think it's safe to say that being Gay in America is much less stigmatized.

That discarded needle in my neighborhood is kind of a big deal. My area of the village, just north of Washington Square around University place, is very well off - kind of like Beverly Hills. It's full of old Jews, at least one Baldwin brother, and a number of lesser known actors and actresses. The sidewalks are clean, the police are many, and Medical waste is not the kind of thing you see every day here. Clearly it's a byproduct of the crowds drawn for the parade.

In the Alt-Universe I inhabit, the joke is that we're gonna wait to be gay until it becomes mandatory. Well thanks to a link I found in a Takimag piece, that seems to be one step closer.

Gay men are no longer allowed to have a racial preference.

I personally think who you sleep with is up to the individual and is one of those things that won't change no matter how many protests you hold. But in the end changing who people choose to sleep with is the reason for the 'social constructionist' movement and Feminism in the first place, so I commend them for being so honest about it.

And it's clearly just a matter of time before you're no longer allowed to be straight.

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