Friday, June 2, 2017

- A Great Zman Piece

While I may have my occasional nit to pick with the Z man, for the most part I think we see things the same way. This piece of his on the lack of introspection and self loathing that drive progressive 'thinking' is a great example:

People in a cult are not sitting around saying to one another, “This is a great cult. I’m really enjoying my time as a cult member.” Similarly, no one sits down one day and says, “I think I want to join a cult.” People in a cult think the beliefs and rules of their cult are perfectly logical and rational. They provide an explanation and framework for understanding the world. People on the outside, however, see the rules and beliefs of a cult as weirdly irrational and maybe even dangerous.

The other thing about people in cults is they join from self-loathing. They hate themselves and seek to swap their hated individual identity with that of the group. It’s why they will savagely defend their group like a mother defending their young. It’s self-defense. The group is them and they are the group. Therefore, any criticism of the group, or the beliefs of the group, is the same as an attack on the member. It is why they consider criticism the same as violence. From their point of view, it is violence, violence against their identity.

It says the same thing I usually say but in a very different language - which makes it useful if you're actually trying to understand what's going on. when I talk about this I usually mention things like ego-defense and decision making. But it's easy to see how all that language is implied in Z's perspective.

Great piece Z. I'll be first in line to get the book.

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