Saturday, June 17, 2017

- A Holy War on Republicans

James Devine:

“I am sorry if my #HuntRepublicanCongressmen hashtag hurt the feelings of any GOP snowflakes but you have not engaged in civil discourse,”

Why is it always NJ?

Much has been made of James Devine's endorsement of political violence, but I don't think that's the telling part of the story. Let's be honest, the thing keeping most hard leftists from violence isn't a lack of commitment or some high minded principle, but a lack of courage. More than anything they don't want to risk getting hurt. This is why they collect into mobs before engaging in violence, rather than doing it individually like 'what's his name' (I know, I just won't say) from the Alexandria shooting. Just look at the professor from the Antifa Berkeley riots, who struck a man in the head with a bike lock before bravely retreating back into the mob.

But Devine gets right to the matter by accusing the right of not engaging in civil discourse. The only way a statement like that can make sense in today's climate, where no left wing speaker has been shut down but right wing speakers are constantly shut down with violence and threats of violence, is if you see the sin of the right as a lack of faith.

Devine's problem with the right is that we don't believe. We are heretics, who are unwilling to accept the precondition that all issues are discussed, and only discussed, from the progressive post deconstructionist perspective. First we must admit that the invisible forces of hate that they say are secretly controlling all aspects of American life are real. Then, and only then can we all engage in "civil discourse".

How do you determine if something is real according to a progressive? That's easy. You take it on faith. Logic, reason and evidence are all just tools of the patriarchy, constructed from whole cloth by a racist misogynist society in order to keep the oppressed down.

Assuming you aren't a delusional madman, you probably have some small problems with this. I don't blame you. But the question remains. How do we do anything about it? The National Review 'Let's all be reasonable here' argument is an obvious failure. The Proud Boy style 'hit him back twice as hard' things works on the small scale, but if it ever gets big enough to make a real difference it's going to come with it's own set of problems. So what do we do?

Mostly hang on I think. Delusion, even widely held mass delusion, can't endure forever. Reality has a way of crowding it out over time. In the meantime, we work, we build, we maintain, and we wait for the madness to run its course. We defend ourselves and our loved ones since the state either won't or can't. And we wait to see if there is enough cumulative sanity left in American culture to weather the storm of liberal psychosis.

FYI - Congrats to our feeder blog MoreMonmouthMusings for being the VERY FIRST to break this now national story. They're getting no credit from the big media outlets, which is a shame. But some of us have noticed.

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