Monday, June 12, 2017

- In Praise Of Beta Males

I'm finding stuff on the internet, only to post it and immediately learn that Ace is finding it all too.

Great minds.

I wanna throw this up though. The Manosphere has a lot of almost negative things to say about Beta Males, but they do Beta's a serious disservice because women judge alphas as more valuable. Well they shouldn't. You don't have to be a real leader in a real leadership role to be a real man. You don't have to be some pu** magnet to rate as far as men are concerned. That's a woman's standard and we should have our own.

There is nothing wrong with being a Beta. Bets's sign up, betas take direction. Beta's are the the men who actually build a civilization. They care for their home and family, and take responsibility. They are the ground troops of civilization. They are the men who leave the world better than they found it. More developed. More productive. More efficient. Victoria's Secret models may not be attracted to them, but they are very much worthy of respect anyway.

The differentiation should really be, between Beta's and Omegas. An Omega is the kind of person who buys into Feminism whole hog and sometimes even becomes more of a Feminist than the women who advocate it, because he knows it's his only shot. They are the unattractive, socially awkward, damaged, clueless losers (think Antifa boys) who still think they should be in charge. Omega's should be striving for Beta-dom, but because of their fragile and deluded ego's they typically want to be awarded 'alpha' status, even though they wouldn't know what to do with it.

At my last gig there was an Omega who worked in a mid-level managerial role in another department, which by no coincidence, was run by a woman. He would scream in meetings, berate his staff, and sulk if he didn't get his way. Emotional outbursts over non-emotional issues was his norm. He would go off on his own, ignore the strategic plans of others, and struggle to find the 'big idea' that would catapult him to the executive suite, without ever realizing that he didn't understand what was going on in the company well enough to even be involved in planning, let alone to perform any of it. The result was a staff who despised him, other departments who avoided communicating with him, and his own department which was so mismanaged and generally useless that I had to promote a guy on my team just to be his babysitter, and to make sure he didn't get the company into into too much trouble.

Thousands of what could have been productive hours, wasted.

An Omega is a woman in thought if not deed, trapped in a man's body. The same solipsism, the same emotionality, the same fragility. He may be a heterosexual, but in most cases it doesn't matter. They call them Omega's because they are the last men women would choose on their own. They are the 'little bitches'. I'm sure you all know one.

But Betas aren't like that. Betas build, save, and protect. Beta's are the guys you see with the dad pants, living in the suburbs, and working in middle management - more or less happy with their wives, their kids and their golf scores. They are the salt of the earth men who still follow the old rules, in spite of the odds being stacked against them, and rely a little on luck to have things all work out.

The POA's may not like them, but real alphas not only admire them but value them. Real Alphas are never going to let the woman's standard for judging men be the only standard. Betas are the 'good soldiers', and may with proper maturity and care, become a lesser breed of alpha themselves. Leadership may not be perfectly natural to them, but they are capable of learning it.

Women might not see it. Particularly young women. But a Beta man is the man that most women should be looking for because alphas are too high risk and too rare for most women to get for the long term anyway. Not all women are supermodels after all. And a house in the burbs, in a good neighborhood, with a man who is ready to sacrifice his own agenda for the wellbeing of his wife and kids, isn't a bad deal in most cases. This guy who is talking to Steve Crowder strikes me as a Beta man who may one day be an alpha. He's not going to stand around and let women be pummelled by the LGBTQAFGRESDGETPMOUSE girls and Omega crowd of Antifa. He's going to stand up. He's going to help. He's gonna be a man.

He deserves as much credit as any alpha. In some ways, maybe more.

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