Friday, June 2, 2017

- "Je Suis Kathy Griffin"

Kathy Griffin is holding a press conference to discuss how she was 'bullied' by President Trump and his family. This woman who publicized a photo of herself holding the severed bloody head of a man, is now complaining that the family of the man, whose bloody head she held aloft, is 'bullying' her.

It's no secret that Kathy Griffin isn't exactly a big thinker. She's a horrid tasteless shrew, few can argue it. Even her friends Al Franken and Anderson Cooper, obviously no great fans of Trump, have said she's gone too far. But how have we gotten to a place where she thinks the right reaction to this is to accuse him of 'bullying'?

What I'd like to see is the 4chan guys producing countless images of masked men and women holding the bloody severed head of Kathy Griffin aloft, just like she did Trump. It's all fair game right Kathy? No big deal. You should have no reason to complain about a thing like that right? Then the minute she raises even the tamest objection, the world gets drowned in "Kathy Griffin=Bully" tweets. If someone does one up, send me a link to it. I'll paste it here in place of the RFNJ logo for a few weeks, in solidarity.

There really is no shame at all in Hollywood. I can't wait for the "Je Suis Kathy Griffin" movement, or the 'crazy cat-lady lives matter' movement to catch on. It would be the perfect hypocritical cherry on top of this little bit of liberal truth about their feelings and intentions.

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