Monday, June 12, 2017

- The Jewish Media

Jim Goad is talking about the dreaded 'jewish question' over at Takis today. My position on the broader 'jewish question' is well known, and sounds a great deal like the one Jim attributes to Jared Taylor which reads: 'They look pretty white to me". I'll expand that to say that with a very few tiny differences, they 'act' pretty white too.

This is really about a confluence of the word 'Tribe' with the word 'Race'. You can be of the same race and be of a very different tribe. While no one has any doubt that I am white, (We're so white that my dad usually returns home from the beach in an ambulance) I myself am a merger of two major, and several minor tribes.

Genealogically, I'm an American, Anglo-Norman Irishman. Which is to say that while I was born in America as were my parents, all of my ancestors on both sides of my family, are either from the Norman splinter of the Anglo-Normans, or the Irish which my family helped rule over for for at least a few hundred of the roughly thousand years they spent there. Since my family left the Welsh coast just 3 generations or so after they showed up from Normandy with William the conqueror (the curious can look up "The Marcher Lords"), I don't imagine I have much in the way of Saxon mixing, though I guess you never really know for sure.

But what about the jews? Well the ashkenazim have been very resistant to the kind of mixing with the locals that my family had no issue with. Religion will do that to you. And as a result, they have a few tribal idiosyncrasies which have hung on through the ages. As an example, they tend to be more matriarchal than my tribes. The mother is the center of life, and often dominates the man in the home. This is a peculiarity whose modern effect I have some questions about, but having nothing concrete to offer I'll simply say: "OK...whatever they're in to".

They also tend to be very urbane and to focus a great deal on the benefits of advanced education. Here in America, they also seem to overrepresented in media careers, and this has no doubt had an effect on the state of our media. Media and entertainment, let's not forget, is utterly dominated the world over by America. It's one of our chief exports, and along with financial and legal services, is one of the areas where America most excels - one other being the very non-jewish career of food production.

This isn't an accident, and the effect of 'jews' on the media is much debated.

I was speaking to a prominent jewish opinionator about 'the Jewish question' a few weeks ago. For obtuse reasons that are too difficult to explain here he has to remain nameless, though I doubt he'd personally mind being quoted. He had just published a favorable piece on the alt-right and I had mentioned that when I saw it I had to pour through the comments section to slap down anyone who impugned his clarity of thought by virtue of his 'jewishness'. No such comments were forthcoming (thankfully) and we both chuckled about it a bit.

But what he said about the current state of 'Jewish Media' was that there is a schism in the Jewish community. The jewish community is either the 'tough jews' or the psychoanalysis jews. The tough jews simply accept the fact that many people will hate them and devote themselves to fighting back with force when necessary. The psychoanalysis jews believe that they are smart enough to 'cure' the hate, and therefore object to fighting.

I very much respect the man (you probably do too), so I found myself persuaded. And that meant that on the chicken and egg question of which came first, the leftist or the jew, I come down on the leftist side as a root cause, rather than jewishness. Moreover, every big mistake I've ever seen made (and I've seen some expensive ones over the years) was made as a result of someone believing they were smart enough to solve a problem, that was either completely unsolvable, or unsolvable by them. It's a surprisingly common mistake, so I tend to forgive it.

I don't think anyone can argue that Academia (another jewish dominated arena) has swung far too much to the left. But I think it's an aberration. I think it's a curable condition. And when academic after academic goes smashing face first into realities that contradict their thinking, some portion of them will have no choice but to reform that thinking. It will be slow, but it will happen. Facts are in the end, more universally persuasive than any opinion.

That will, in the end, cure much of leftism in academia, and that will in turn cure the leftism in the media. And I don't think it much matters if it's run by jews or not. Any man of any tribe can see reality when he is left no other choice. And bit by bit, the facts of reality are reliably chipping away at the lies that modern leftism needs to endure.

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