Tuesday, June 6, 2017

- Meet The Lion Of London Bridge

Meet Roy Larner Age 47:

47-year-old Roy Larner battled the three machete-wielding jihadis with bare fists and shouted: "Fuck you, I'm Millwall!"

Roy was enjoying a pint in a pub when the attackers ran in with machetes, chanting, "Islam, Islam!" and "This is for Allah!"

He's now been hailed as the Lion of London Bridge, a reference to his football club's nickname.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to me to discover that there are still some men in England.

Roy was knifed eight times by the attackers at the Black & Blue restaurant and bar. He fearlessly shouted back and fought them alone, saving countless lives and allowing others to escape in the process.

Hero Roy told The Sun from hospital: "They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah. Then it was, 'Islam, Islam, Islam'.

"Like an idiot, I shouted back at them. I thought, 'I need to take the piss out of these bastards.' I took a few steps towards them and said, 'Fuck you, I'm Millwall.' So they started attacking me."

He took on three knife wielding men, totally unarmed. Did he get cut? Sure. But knife wounds heal, chicks dig scars, and like I said the other day, these Jihadis aren't Navy Seals. He'll come out of it OK.

In the meantime he saved the lives of multiple women and men who act like women. And by the way, shame on the cowards who left him there to fend off 3 knife wielding psychotics by himself.

It's a big thing to be brave. It's a bigger thing to be brave when you're all alone in a 3 on one fight. All Hail Roy Larner. If he buys his own beer ever again, it will be a shameful day for Britain. And the next time I'm in London, I' going over to the Black And Blue to put my money where my mouth is.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I would say it is more than just simple cowardice, but the result of years of social conditioning. Over the years I have come across countless news stories of innocent people in Europe who defended themselves against assault, robbery, rape, home invasion, and a plethora of other violent crimes, only to be punished by the authorities. Often the punishments would exceed what the perp got! For an example, Black Pigeon in one of his recent vids describes how a Danish woman faces prison for using pepper spray to fend off a rape from an Islamic migrant. The rapist received a slap on the wrist. Such conditioning over time, makes 'not fighting back' an automated response.

I speak (with a level of shame) that I went through similar conditioning having gone through a very left-wing school system. I matured very late and therefore was one of the smallest boys in my grade. In fact, the one kid who was smaller I recall suffered from a form of dwarfism. Being small made me a target for every bully in the school. But I was also pretty good at Judo. One particular oversized lout got knee capped, thrown, and tracheal choked into unconsciousness.

The result was me getting detention for weeks, conference with parents, nearly suspended from school, and smack down from my Dad. Dad was never the type to ask, "so what is your side of the story". The school's policy was that violence "was never the answer"...

After a while, the abuse I got from the bullies was far less harsh than I got from the "authorities" for having the gall to fight back decisively. So I stopped fighting back (greatest regret of my childhood).

I broke the conditioning when I got older, but I was also out of the environment that demanded pacifism in the face of brutality. What happens to a man where the conditioning never stops and even intensifies in adulthood? Do you use deadly force on the home invader and risk losing your wealth, home, and freedom? Or do you run away and hope the authorities show up?

On a side note: Derb had a story a long while back of his son being punished for trying to fight off an assault from a particularly vile and abusive fellow student. The story to say the least, struck a cord with me.

Tom said...

I totally get that. And I wouldn't be surprised if this guy ends up getting a big bill or something at least - charged with antiIslamic sentiment at worst. (They prosecute thought crime in the UK these days.)

But I still think the guys who let their buddy stand there and fight 3 armed men by himself should be ashamed. There is no circumstance or programming that would have me stand by while my buddy defended me on his own from 3 Jihadis with knives.

Agree or disagree. But that's how I feel.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I am with you Tom. I know myself well enough I would have grabbed a chair and fought. I say this as a middle aged man, in fairly good physical shape, who can take a punch (hopefully not a knife in the belly though), still retains enough martial arts knowledge to break bones, and who broke out of the pacifist mode decades ago.

If I grew up in Europe and had the never ending conditioning and a fear of losing EVERYTHING.. I don't know if I would be the same person.. I don't know if I would have still stepped up and met the assailants head-on.

I have met so many Europeans (excluding the guys from the East like Poland)that are so conditioned to go into the fetal position or react at horror of ANY talk of physical resistance..... I have come to believe you can, with enough time, destroy the manhood of most men with relentless cultural pressure. The 'rebels' (think Tommy Robinson) seem to come out of the hooligan if not sociopath mode, which down to their genetics, reject authority.

Muzzlethemuz said...


Honestly at this point I am growing cautiously optimistic that ongoing attacks are going to have the effect of bursting this PC/revisionist 40 + year old bubble on the West, notably in the EU and then for the Progressive Left back here that idolizes that union and all it is perceived to stand for.

There is no longer any mystery or grand social theory. We just have millions, tens of millions of effete snowflakes, who have come of age in a hyper-materialistic world (here in the West) that has catered to their every need, told them how invaluable they are, completely removed them from any sort of labor that would convey a proper valuing of time, ergo, we have possibly the most out-of-touch generation of people to ever walk the earth.

And now they're being called upon to deal with a group of atavists who are living out the rules of 8th century middle eastern tribal warfare in the shadow of Big Ben. Egbert, meet Ishmael. Lol. And the mayor's a Muslim. That's awesome.

I'm really not trying to be an A-hole about this nor minimize the terrible suffering and damage that is going to have to endured by a lot of innocent (read 'clueless') people but... grab the popcorn, this is going to be the biggest show since that circus that just closed down.