Sunday, June 4, 2017

- An Open Letter To Britains

Dear British Citizens,

Your government and the police are not there to protect you, they are there only to keep you from protecting yourselves. What you choose to do about this, is how you'll be remembered.

There really isn't anything else to say about this in my opinion.

Best wishes for your strength,
Tom from RFNJ.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

Was it just yesterday you posted on the academy reaping what it has sown?

Now we have, again, the liberal policies of an emasculated Europe bringing upon its citizens the bitter harvest of its demented immigration policies as the English Prime Minister has just today said that there is too much, "tolerance for extremism" in English society.

I posted this morning, in a foreign paper, much as I do here, as a retired US LEO who, on the occasion I find myself in a cafe, do so with a Glock (Perfection) legally concealed on or about my person.

The response from the readership has been (paraphrased): "That wouldn't be of any significance, you can't stop terror," "Arming the citizenry will make things worse," "stop the Islamophobia," or that Americans and their 2nd Amendment/Rambo-thing are the problem.

Now, this is certainly an insignificant, and anecdotal sample of what's out there, but if this is representative at all of English/European sentiment on the matter, at what point does the rational, freedom-loving individual, American or otherwise say, "Enough!" Or just, "f-you..." because... if this is the sentiment of the street in England/Europe, am I supposed to feel sorry for a population that has, in the aggregate, effectively allowed itself to be terrorized?

The voices that advocate for our capitulation to the Statist agenda, the adoption of submission as the status quo, the repealing of our Constitutional rights and the heralding of communal self pity as a response to Islamic terror, are in my eyes, as much a threat to the foundation of liberty and personal freedom as is Islamic terror.

This only begins to reverse, I believe, at that time when we decide to visit the efforts we currently expend overseas, here to the problem elements on our home turf, be they hatched from some madrasa or the bowels of Berkeley. The response should be flexible in its approach but ruthless in its application.

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