Tuesday, June 13, 2017

- Pols Pretending For the Cameras

MSNBC Pretends an Obama Campaign Director Is 'Everyday Folk' in Man-on-the-Street Interview

Tis sort of thing happens more than you think.

Way back when I was working on the Trading Floor at Moore Capital, then one term Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani was running for a second term, and since he had gotten more than a couple of campaign donations from Moore employees, he stopped by for a little Q&A. A few softball questions were lobbed at him from the group, but then the room fell silent. We were all voting for Giuliani after all - he was wildly popular at the time, had just cleaned up Times Square, banned the squeegee guys, and had implemented the police practices that made NYC safer and cleaner. We were all big supporters and didn't care much what he had to say.

But that doesn't play in politics.

So another question was tossed out from a crowd of people near the elevator who had collected there from the back office. Giuliani offered a pad answer, but it occurred to me that I didn't recognize the voice that asked it. when I looked more carefully, it was clear that this was his campaign staffer, more or less just providing the Mayor a chance to launch his talking point.

This was a relatively small, private, friendly crowd, so it didn't seem such a big sin to me. But it always struck me as a reminder of how much of politics is just play acting. The cameras are complicit in the whole thing. Life is just a play and we are all but players, blah, blah, blah.

As you would expect, MSNBC takes this a little further than they probably should, but it's not as shocking as the PJ folks are making it out to be. At least not to me.

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