Tuesday, June 13, 2017

- Rejecting Radicalism

Jordan Peterson is the darling psychologist of the Manosphere these days because he calls real scientific attention to some of the obvious difference between men and women, without bias or ideology. Naturally, the left and particularly Feminists despise him for this. And when idealogues despise you, I think you're probably on the right track.

Personally I prefer Steven Pinker right now, since he has an overlap in my current work, and more of a Friedman-esque charm. But I get why Jordan Peterson is winning so many hearts and minds.

But this bit below struck a chord for me.

This is really up here for my daughter, who I know is lurking here these days. As I've said in past comment sections, I'm worried that she'll fall into the easy route of believing all the nonsensical programming dished out at Universities these days.

They tell pretty lies to kids about how their life isn't really their own and all the bad things that may happen to them aren't under their control, but are the fault of unseen evil forces. It's the fault of whites, of men, of heterosexuals. The evil white male cis-normal heterosexual patriarchy. They (the kids) are just object who are either victims, or to the degree they resist psychological indoctrination, oppressors. None of them are treated as individual agents who are capable of acting on the world, as well as being acted upon by it. there is no individual responsibility, only collective guilt, collective victimhood, or collective oppression.

That's all bunk. But they've gotten so good at lying that many kids end up believing them. They don't realize that they're being fed an ideology rather than actually 'thinking'. They don't see the left as being about radical destruction, because the people who shovel it at them don't believe it is. No cult calls itself a cult. And that's what a University is these days, especially the programs that end in the word 'studies'.

But she won't believe me if I say it cause she's a teenager and I'm her dad. So instead, here is Jordan Peterson, a serious cognitive scientist, telling them why it's a bad idea to embrace any radicalism. Because if you do, you're never really making up your own mind.

I just wish he had admitted that the 'National Socialist Party' (Nazi for short) is really a creature of the left.

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