Saturday, June 10, 2017

- Repeating History

'Based Stick Man' kinda reminds me of Titus Pullo, one of my all time favorite fictional characters, from the HBO series Rome. The leftists establishment rallies a mob, loses control of it, and Titus Pullo, for his own reasons, accidentally brings down the Republic.

I leave you all to rise the rest of the parallels.

Republics fall. Democracy has a lifespan. We're near the end of it. From that perspective, this piece of historic fiction is actually a potential glimpse into our future. Donald Trump, in spite of his best efforts (and choice of decorating style) is no Julius Caesar. But somebody out there will be.

Republics die of mayhem and disorder. And Washington right now is all mayhem and disorder. Chuck Schumer and the Clinton dynasty created that mayhem from whole cloth. If it spreads beyond the Potomac, then we're one ambitious leader away from the whole thing falling apart.

I'm not seriously predicting this of course. But it's fun to think about.

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