Thursday, June 1, 2017

- Rule By Dunning-Kruger

I wasn't as scared by Kathy Griffin's beheading pic of Trump as I was by her apology (shown above... apologies fellas). Yes, she's stupid. Everyone knows she's stupid. Stupid people by themselves don't scare me. Mobs of stupid people do scare me, but that's another topic.

It seems to me this is another Dunning-Kruger moment. For some bizarre reason, this monstrous old shrew thought that people care enough about what she thinks, that she would be praised for her symbolic beheading of Trump.

People have likened it to being the same as ISIS, which makes sense to me. She and the left share the ISIS view, that America must be destroyed. They imagine a different thing rising from it's ashes than ISIS, but that's probably just more Dunning-Kruger too.

Lets see the brave individualists of Hollywood mimic that act with the head of Mohammad. Or don't even go that far... let's see them mimic it with the head of Clarence Thomas, or Bibi Netenyahu. They're both conservatives so they're fair game right?

But we all know that the person who holds up the severed head of a black man has ended their career in public life. The person who does it with a prominent Jewish figure, even Bibi (of whom I'm a big fan), has at the very least ended their career in Hollywood.

It's all just stupid. We need to stop listening to stupid people.

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