Tuesday, June 6, 2017

- SJW's and Personal Agency

Pictured above is Social Justice Warrior 'Reality Winner' busted for leaking classified documents from the NSA to a media outlet.

The thing that Social Justice Warriors and Islamic Terrorists have in common, apart from their thoughtless hatred of the west, is that they're losers. That's right, Social Justice Warriors are losers, with a loser's worldview. Rather than take responsibility for their own lives and their own choices, they have instead made everything the fault of someone else. They have, in essence, made themselves into objects who are only ever acted upon by outside forces, instead of agents, who act upon the world around them.

They should have listened to the kid below. The voices in the video below are of our man Jarred Taylor from American Renaissance, and a young man named 'Robert Smith', a young black man with an IQ greater than 140. Mr Smith, it seems, has become a race realist, and acknowledges that the average IQ difference between blacks and whites is to great extent a reflection of genetics.

Why do I bring this back to race? I don't really mean to. It's just that it's an incredibly hot button topic where the Social Justice gang is as resistant to reason as they are on any other. But here is this young black man explaining how empowered it made him feel to not have the black cloud of 'systemic racism' over his head.

When he realized that it was all an illusion, he was relieved to no longer have to worry about it. He felt better knowing that there wasn't an unseen malevolent force hanging over his head that would 'keep him down' no matter what he did, simply because of his skin color. What he's talking about, is the feeling of personal agency. When you take responsibility for your own actions and your own success or failure, you feel better not worse. Even in the face of failure, which we all do occasionally.

The philosophy of Social Justice isn't about being nice to people. It's about blaming others for the circumstances of your life. It's about being an object not an actor. It's about eternal victimhood. But if you reject it, and act upon the world instead of just being acted upon by it, life is better for you in a million ways. Or so says Robert Smith, and I.

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