Thursday, June 8, 2017

-So an Irish Budget Director Walks Into Congress...

While the world hangs on every word of Comey's testimony during the current Senate Circus, I wanted to bring up some positive forces and agents for change that have emerged but have been overshadowed by fake news.
Mick Mulvaney has a name and a deportment of a gentleman boxer. If he didn't crunch numbers, the redness in his face and the passion in his profession would probably put him in the ring as a welterweight boxer. Mick Mulvaney is not a virtue signaling appointment. He represents a class of humanity that is currently vilified for being what he is: White, Irish, Intelligent, Well Spoken, and Willing to Fight Back.
In this vignette is Mick Taking a hay-maker from Disgraced Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders only knows one style of fighting, where our "Mick" absorbs the ham-handed blows and lands a few solid jabs on the yammering Sanders. Strange yet typical, liberals believe Sanders destroyed the Mick. That would be like saying you won the drinking contest because you vomited more than you consumed.
Strange but typical yet again, the democrats and the ultra-left continue to believe that their emotional appeal is more important than facts and logic. Here we have Rep Barbara Lee get a dose of "reality" coupled with emotion from fightin Mick Mulvaney

It must be racist and sexist of me to provide these examples. According to the Left, guys like Mick are just showing how uncomfortable they are in the presence of these giants of liberal thought.
No ma'am, you are not a doctor:

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