Monday, June 12, 2017

- So THAT's what Intersection Means

This is fun. A gay pride parade was blocked by a black lives matter protest, preventing the parade from continuing. The two marches quite literally 'intersected'.

One can only assume that they squared off and accused each other of various oppressions, micro-aggressions, and privileges, in a verbal scurry to demonstrate which group was the more aggrieved. All they'd need to make the picture complete is a bunch of blue haired and psychotic Feminist activists running around topless, while accusing everyone of rape and toxic masculinity.

No heterosexual white males could be reached for comment. They were all too busy building functioning societies.

There are 320 million people in America, and some of them are bound to be such crazy losers that they have nothing better to do than things like this. But why in the world would we value the effect of mental illness so highly that all of these tiny, broken, fringe groups that can't get out of their own way (wink) are driving our broader culture? The only real intersection here is between, the 60's, the media, and early onset alzheimers.

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