Tuesday, June 27, 2017

- Taking Gender Fluidity Abroad

It's apropos of nothing, but the Obama girls are in Bali having a grand old time with mom and dad. I've spent several weeks in Bali and learned a little about the people and traditions. And I did notice one small detail about the Obama girls.

In Bali, the Sarong is traditional wear for both men and women, but men tie them differently. In order to preserve modesty, women tie their knot on the side, accentuating their curves and placing a flat portion of the garment in front, while men tie their knot in the center with an elaborate and descending fold, in order to obscure their guy parts. Here are the Obama girls:

This doesn't mean that the less attractive Obama girl is a dude, she obviously isn't. But in this age of gender fluidity, largely heralded in to American culture by her dad, it seems to me to be very colonialist for the young miss Obama to impose this standard on the Balinese people.

Then again, who gives a fat F*** about the Obamas anymore?

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