Monday, June 12, 2017

- Today in Puerto Rican News

Instead of voting to throw off the chains of racist oppression and exploitation by the evil white man, Puerto Rico has instead voted to become a State:

Puerto Rico on Sunday overwhelmingly voted for statehood. But Congress, the only body that can approve new states, will ultimately decide whether the status of the US commonwealth changes.

Ninety-seven percent of the votes in the nonbinding referendum favored statehood, an increase over the results of a 2012 referendum, official results from the State Electoral Commission show. It was the fifth such vote on statehood.

I have some experience with 'working' in Puerto Rico. My first startup got its funding from BPPR based in San Juan, and they gave us free office space. So it was me and a bunch of Chileans, trying to cope with a place where no one who wasn't an illegal immigrant actually did any work. As far as we could tell, nearly 100% of the population was on welfare.

My former partner and longtime friend has a great story about it. He (still) tells the story of when he went with his wife to see an R Rated matinee movie and found little kids playing hide and seek in the aisles. The man behind him never paused his long cellphone conversation for the movie's dialog, so my friend asked him to quiet down. In response the man took his phone from his ear and said "Hey... can't you see I'm on the fucking phone asshole?"

These are cultural problems with PR, as is the breathtaking brain drain the tiny island has had.

But let's not be silly. There is a ruling class in PR, much like our own, that makes the decisions. Like the decision to borrow 70 Billion dollars in US guaranteed debt - 68% of GDP - and piss it away on useless 'public works' projects and swiss bank accounts. They know 'someone' is paying that bill, and they don't want it to be them. Throwing off the oppressive yoke of the white man means throwing off his debt guarantee, and that would mean they'd have to pay the bills themselves.

And you can't very well pay your own bills when no one does any work.

That Puerto Rican Statehood would be a bad idea for the US, should go without saying. There is a big net cost, and virtually no net gain. Which means that the yoke of racist oppression might actually be on the other sandal.

On the plus side, there were zero rapes reported at this years Puerto Rican Parade in New York City. That looks like a big improvement and a step toward peace and progress. That is, it does until you realize that this year's grand marshall was a convicted terrorist and murderer. So now I guess it's the decision makers who are the ones endorsing crime.

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