Thursday, June 15, 2017

- The Tools Of The Oppressor

I’ve been familiarizing myself with one of those ‘most hated villains’ for the Feminist left, Jordan Peterson. Professor Peterson is a Canadian Psychologist and Psychology professor with over 20 years of clinical experience. But most of what he’s known for is his refusal to use the long list of morally compulsory ‘gender pronouns’ of the laughably named ‘Canadian Human Rights’ council.

His talks tend to wander around between psychology and philosophy. But his big beef is with post-modernism, and any sentence that ends with ‘…is a social construct’. Using the language of statistics and science, he unambiguously calls this ‘wrong’. As usual, those who disagree with him either hurl invective about his Nazi-ism, or run away as quickly as they can from any potential debate. He speaks about facts, and since facts can’t be shamed or harassed away, the left has no interest in engaging with him.

This matches my personal experience as well. The left has totally lost the war of debate, logic, and reason. In fact, says professor Peterson, they don’t believe in ‘logic’ or the science that’s constructed upon it, and instead call it a ‘tool of the patriarchy’ that is specifically designed to keep the oppressed down. In one particularly comical rant he complains about people using their computers to type that the foundations of thinking that make that computer work, don’t exist. For that reason he can’t take them seriously. But this puts the left in an interesting mental position.

When logic, reason, and discussion are all identified as ‘tools of your oppressor’, what other option do you have for resolving disagreement than grabbing a gun and shooting up the place?

The left pretends that anyone who disagrees with them is an inhuman monster. That’s a useful thing because it justifies violence, and makes it emotionally possible for those who are unwilling to accept their own monstrosity. The Nazi guards at Auschwitz thought the same thing about the Jews. How else could anyone push women and children into gas chambers?

There are a number of leftists, it seems to me, who would happily do this to the President and his family. Even 10 year old Baron, who by any estimation I’d take seriously is a complete innocent, would be murdered by many if you gave them the chance. And it’s still an open question how many members of the left would do the same to anyone who disagrees with them, but we do know one detail there. Whatever the number is, it’s greater than 1.

James Hodgkinson took the decision making process of the hard left to it’s inevitable end. He didn’t believe the people he despised were well intentioned. He believed they were filled with hate, and dedicated of the destruction of their opposition by any means necessary, just like he was.

The word for this is psychological projection. And it’s an intersectional issue pulled into the post-modernist left from Feminism. This is what the left recommends as a replacement for the ‘logic’ that’s not only used to oppress them, but is expressly designed to do so. In essence, it’s the way the left pretends that they still have a valid argument.

But they aren’t the only ones who are pretending. The right has it’s own set of delusions. National Review, as is typical of the NeverTrump right, refuses to see that the left has changed. They still think making logical arguments will have some effect on a group that has identified logic itself as a tool of the oppressor. This has been described as playing politics by a set of rules that the left refuses to recognize, but it’s more than that. It’s a willful decision to lose.

Emotional reasoning doesn’t go down that road. Emotionally hysterical people like James Hodgkinson (and the multitudes from the left supporting him on Twitter) don’t ‘change their minds’. It’s a better description to say that they don’t have any minds to change. Their entire motivation is their own fear, their own hatred and their own emotions, none of which have any basis in reality. They look at the same world as us, but they don’t see the same world as us. What they see are the inhuman opposition and the holy martyrs. The divine, and the deplorable. Nothing else.

The 21st century left doesn’t need dialog, they need psychotherapy.

This raises a point I’ve mentioned here before when discussing the black average IQ, but really applies across a spectrum of issue for the left. What would you do when the incontrovertible facts point to you as lacking the components required to ‘win’? How would your ego cope with an inescapable fact, which points to your basic inferiority to others? Suppose the only way to get into a an Ivy league University was to be able to dunk a basketball? What would you do if you were only 5 feet tall?

The answer, of course, is deny the validity and rationality of the test. The answer is that you would probably rationalize it away. That’s easier to see when the question is as arbitrary as the example I provided. But this is what the left sees in the liberty of free market competition. They cannot succeed against people who are smarter, faster, and stronger than they are. So they deny the tests of logic and reason, and work to change the game.

Failing that, as they clearly are – their only other option is violence. And now that violence has arrived.

The left has what they see as an unsolvable problem. If they play by our rules they will lose. They have come to realize this, so they are changing the rules – with or without our permission. The rule of law has become a tool of the oppressor. Western Civilization is a tool of the oppressor. Dialog, logic, math, and reason are all just tools of the oppressor. The only thing that matters to them now is their own hatred and fear, and the ability of their egos to project that hatred and fear onto others.

Plan accordingly.

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