Thursday, June 8, 2017

- The 'Tough" Left

You're probably already laughing. I know I am. This is the student vigilante group who are currently roaming the grounds of Evergreen State, enforcing the rules of Social Justice on the rampant mobs of malefactors who populate the nearly exclusively progressive town. This is the 'tough' left. The courageous left. They are the tallest buildings in Uzbekistan.

Everyone is all up in arms about how they're carrying baseball bats, but I don't care about that. One glance at them will tell you that they might just as well be carrying feather dusters. On their best day they're poseurs who are trying to 'look tough' by carrying a dangerous weapon. But as any soldier (present or former) will tell you, having a weapon in your hand doesn't make you tough. I would no more be afraid of them if they were carrying loaded assault rifles (which of course they would never do).

The problem with being armed is that it anchors you in reality. Use a weapon on someone, even menacing them with one, and you're stepping into the real world where there will be real consequences. And reality is no place for social justice warriors. In the real world, their worldview quickly crumbles into the narcissistic ego gratification that it really is.

There was a great quote on the Overnight Thread at Ace:

It bears repeating: actual justice holds you responsible for the actions you take. “Social justice” holds you responsible for actions taken, without your knowledge or consent, by people you do not know and have never met. It’s guilt by association, and a perversion of true justice.

By necessity, Social Justice Warriors need to avoid getting involved with 'actual justice' at all cost. They must keep their arguments in the informal and moral. Any intersection (grin) with actual Justice means they're going to be in a lot of trouble. You can burn witches all you like on Twitter (as in ... ooohhh Burn!) and no one will arrest you. Start actually 'burning' them, and you'll be spending a long time in a small room being serially raped by a member of the same sex.

As appealing as the latter concept looks to be to this crew, I don't think they'd enjoy the former.

So what would happen I wonder if these brave advocates of social justice found someone like me for instance - a believer in none of their dogma - walking while heterosexually white, or whatever my perceived sin is? How would the consequences of that encounter look? Here's my guess.

First I would serially 'assault them' with my verbal opinions on races and sex. For fun I might refer to them by the names of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show' cast members they most resemble. Then they would try to physically intimidate me with their scary sticks. I would react to that with more colorful insults and a 'threatening posture' like 'raising my arms to fend off any incoming blows'. Eventually, one of them would take that very dangerous next step and actually strike a blow for all the oppressed by hitting me with their bat, probably from behind, which is where I'd be anticipating it.

I would end up with a nasty bruise on my forearm at least, and then rush my rapidly retreating assaulter, take the bat away from them, and now that I'm free to act in my own self defense, would do my very best to bludgeon the one who struck me, if possible concentrating on the legs to immobilize them but it can be tough to hit a fleeing person in the legs so most likely the torso. I'd also go after the black guy if he's still anywhere nearby since he looks the most capable of actually doing me harm. They would scatter of course, and immediately accuse me of unprovoked aggression, and as is the way with our new moral leaders, they'd demand that the patriarchy immediately come to their defense and have me arrested.

When the dust settled, they would go to the emergency room, I would go to the police station, and we'd all wait for the courts to decide that since they showed up with the baseball bats, and I only took one away to defend myself after being struck, they should be the ones who are charged and not me. Being heterosexual and white, or even believing that hetorosexuality and 'whiteness' is a good thing, isn't actually a crime you see. Well... we see. They clearly don't.

But none of this speculation matters because you're laughing. And so am I. No one can possibly believe that this freak show will ever actually assault anyone. Not even a middle aged woman. Not even a frail old man with a walker who is incapable of fighting back, let alone a fit and potentially dangerous looking heterosexual white male like me who is only barely past his prime. Because whatever your motives, inflicting physical violence on someone takes courage. And as we know from our intersectionality lessons, courage is a part of 'toxic masculinity', and has no place in a social justice worldview.

Seriously, kids... don't embarrass yourselves.


bobby said...

"I'd also go after the black guy . . . "

Ummm, I don't think it's a guy . . . but you probably already knew that.

Now, the yellow-haired one might be . . .

MikeCLT said...

The "tough left" are the BLM thugs. I have friends and relatives in LE who tell me that the hard left is/were using the BLM as street muscle in their protests. That may no longer be the case after the police officers were murdered by BLM sympathizers. But it is likely they will be used again.