Sunday, June 11, 2017

- The Tragedy Of Former Beauty

Paulina Porizkova was at one moment in history, the most beautiful woman in the world. She still looks pretty good, but for women, all status is relative. And as she became an anti-depressant addled middle aged mom, her sexual options dropped precipitously compared to her former glory. She says America made her a Feminist. I say it was solipsism, age, and a world class cratering of her sexual options.

Now, she’s past the age of childbearing. And thanks to Feminism, older women are no longer valued for the things that made them important. An older woman now is nothing but a small weak man, usually filled to the brim with hyper-emotional resentment that even middling quality ‘actual’ men are still considered higher quality men than she is.

Paulina doesn’t make that connection, but you can’t really blame her. She is a woman after all, and objective reasoning about their place in the world is not their strong suit - especially after 5 decades of non-stop indoctrination from popular culture about how nothing in their lives is ever their fault. It’s ‘The Patriarchy” you see. I’ve been to the Patriarchy meetings, every one of them, and I should know.

Paulina always seemed pretty bright, especially for a woman of her astounding youthful beauty. A woman that attractive doesn’t hav eto think, but she learned to do a little thinking anyway. And yet, she still married Rick Okasek, who by the way must be a True Alpha male to have roped in a girl like that in her prime. Yes, he was a really big star back in the early days of MTV, when they still played music. But the guy always looked like a train wreck, and still does.

I saw the two of them together on Third avenue (right near Astor Place) about a year ago. She looked good but old. He looked like a much older version of his same gaunt self. No beauty prizes for either of them. But where he was never a prize winner for his looks, she definitely once was. So it's she who has 'lost' the most thanks to the ravages of father time.

If you want to know who she is now, don’t look to the past. Those days are gone for Paulina, much to her regret. If you want to know her now, have a look at this. This is what Paulina Porizkova is today. An increasingly irrelevant, drug addled mess. A woman who once ‘topped the charts’ but these days, just isn’t there anymore.

It’s a shame to see her fall so far from perfection. But it will happen to all of us eventually.

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