Saturday, June 10, 2017

- The War On (Attractive) Women

Here it is guys, a story which perfectly encapsulates intersectional Feminism, and its war on ... women. That's right, it's a war on the women with the most 'sexual options'. That phrase can be tricky so don't think of it as who 'you' would want to sleep with as much as who would want to sleep with you. If more people would want you based on your looks, charm, wealth, power or whatever, then you have more 'sexual options'.

That is the thing that intersectional Feminism is trying to destroy, and they've made that painfully obvious in this story about a Female Archetype, "Wonder Woman":

The post, which is titled, “When Will Wonder Woman Be a Fat, Femme Woman of Color?” laments the fact that the movie chose to portray the character as she was portrayed in the source material, rather than as an overweight black gay woman (femme is defined as “a queer person who presents and acts in a traditionally feminine manner.”) She claims that had a black actress been cast to play Wonder Woman, “white supremacists” would have emerged to condemn the decision.

White Supremacists? What the hell does white supremacy have to do with it? The answer of course, is nothing. The dreaded 'white supremacist' is a fiction - a boogey man from under the bed. The author's real problem is with the fact that Gal Gadot is smoking hot. At this specific moment in time, few women alive today have the same high volume of 'sexual options' as she does.

The author meanwhile is a Feminist promoting a redefinition of beauty to emphasize black women, which is bad for sexual options. She also promotes gay, which is a liability as well. She's advocating for the body positivity movement which is about seeing 'fat' as more attractive than thin. This author is advocating for a woman who is down at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to desirability, and she wants the standards of what amounts to 'desireable' overturned in the name of Feminism.

No rational human will ever imagine a time when men can be shamed into thinking a fat, black, gay, stupid, and physically unattractive woman will be considered more desirable than Gal Gadot. But this is Feminisms dirty little secret. It's the thing they're after. And until Gal Gadot is kicked to the curb by the world's most desirable men in deference to a stupid, black, Lena Dunham type, Feminism's war on women will rage on. Tell this to the attractive woman in your life. Show her the story. Because if the pathology of Feminism is going to die the death it deserves, it will have to be through female insurrection by people who look more like wonder woman than Lena Dunham. Remind them that it's they who are the real targets of Feminism, and we men are simply collateral damage.

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