Thursday, June 1, 2017

- White Violence

In a rare story about a mob of kids turning violent that doesn't involve black or latin kids, please take note of this story.

Young men are always going to be more violent than average, and young white men are no exception. I could make a big deal of the fact that no shots were fired or stabbings committed, but the truth is, you probably already knew that. If anything, it's a little surprising that this might not have had anything at all to do with race or even politics. In fact, if it did, I have to believe it would have made the front page with the scary headline "Alt-Right Nazis on a violent rampage!!!" The truth is probably that it was just some dumb kid who spoke to the wrong girl or something, and things got out of hand.

This is what violence looked like when I was a kid. It made sense in cultural context. And the adults of the time usually just shrugged, sentenced the kids to a misdemeanor and to picking up some garbage, and got on with their lives. No big deal.

I only mention it because it's so rare anymore to see white kids doing anything except falling in line.

I'm told by reliable sources (my daughter) that the Alt-Right is making substantial ground in the High School and college demographic among white males. She is unhappy about this, but she isn't dumb enough to pretend it isn't there. And though I'm always against violence in any form but self defense, I do find it mildly encouraging that white men still have some fight left in them. It will be important in a few more years when the Trump era descends into the kind of stupidity that political movements always do, and a new, much more actively totalitarian left again becomes ascendant in Washington.

That's when the real trouble begins I think.

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