Thursday, June 22, 2017

- Why I Read Steve Sailer

I'm not a politico, so I'm not much interested in election mathematics. But tidbits like this interesting little hate-fact are why I ALWAYS read Steve Sailer's Blog at Unz:

I can explain why The Establishment (e.g., the Democratic Party, the media, the Soros-like NGOs, etc.) aren’t pushing Black Lives Matter hard any more in one word, a word not mentioned in this article: Dallas.

BLM followers murdering all those cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge got Donald Trump elected president.

Besides alienating non-blacks by unleashing a huge upsurge in violence in black cities, both riots and black on black homicides, BLM didn’t even boost black turnout.

You can get more useful watercooler 'shut your idiot mouth' points to use against liberals in 10 minutes on Steve's site, than you can from 3 months of reading Fox News and watching Tucker Carlson.

And it feels good to know that facts still matter someplace. Yes, in this case I'm calling attention to Steve's opinion. but I've learned that what usually separates the two is usually just ex-post verification.

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